Let's play haiku. Do you dare?

A haiku is an un-rhymed verse genre. Haiku has five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five again in the third. In Japanese, the word "haiku" means "playful verse."  Haiku should use objective sensory detail. Use imagery to write the Haiku, in order for the reader to visualize what you are writing. It's great exercise for the brain.

Snow pelts the windows
winds howl around the dark trees
I crawl back to bed.



Six word short storeis

"I don't like these. They're stupid." Sister Morgan

"There she goes. She started it." Skyler

"Soooo, you're an expert on Bieber."   SM

"I don't think I said anything."    Kirsten

"You don't need time to think."  Kirsten

"Say something else--Eric? Kirsten? Skyler?   SM

"This doesn't make any sense. Blaaaaah."  Eric

"I've graduated from going to Devotional."   Kirsten  (OOOOooo. This one is edgy.)

"Chan taught us a funny cardgame."   Skyler

"Noooooo, we'll fall in forever boredom."   SM

"Nope. You did it wrong. What?"   Skyler

"Like baby, baby, baby, baby, noo." Kiersten

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner."  Kirsten
"Sister Morgan, you're the coolest boss."  Skyler