I'm not emotional

I loved this Julie. It's like I told you--I may not be as openly emotional as you are, but I feel it, too. I know the Lord intervened in my life in getting me this job, and everything that has happened since then has been such a blessing to me. I was in Sis. Morgan's Intro. to Lit class my freshman year, and her class was my favorite. I kept trying to convince my roommate that she should come to class with me sometime just to hear how amazing Sis. Morgan was, but she never did come. At the very end of the semester, right before I left for China, I saw Sis. Morgan on campus and she stopped me, saying, "Kristen, I was just thinking about you last night." The question in my mind was...umm, okay? Why was my teacher thinking about me outside of class? And then she offered me the job. Since then, the Writing Center has been my only social network of friends. I feel more "at home" here than I do in my own apartment. Explain that one to me. Sister Morgan told me once, last semester I think, that when she hired me, I was pretty much a wimp. Now, three years later, I am not at all the same person as I was then. I think being around Sis. Morgan's feisty, assertive, strong personality has rubbed off on me somewhat, and I am sooo glad. I am excited to graduate and move on with my life (sometimes), but I am really not looking forward to leaving here. I'm going to miss the deep, late night talks with Sis. Morgan like we had last night. I'm going to miss seminar where I learned so much about myself and everyone else there. I am going to miss the parties as Sis. Morgan's house when for a rare moment in time I felt wanted and that I belong. I am going to miss Sis. Morgan calling me up on Saturday morning to go to a parade and make snake hats out of balloons. I have loved my job as a writing assistant, but working at the WC is so much more than just helping students become better writers. It is about US.
Wednesday, 07/11/2007 11:14 AM by KRISTEN MEISBERGER

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