Well, friends, Sis. Morgan's right: it's time I updated everyone. I'm pregnant. Just kidding.

Today's excitement reached its zenith when I found a new bottle of gel/pomade stuff in the bathroom and put some in my hair after my shower. Which I took at 2:30. In part that was interesting to me because I am vain (or, as I thought to myself while driving today, I have a strong appreciation for my aesthetic strengths), but mostly I just don't do exciting things from day to day . That's not to say I'm bored--I study Chinese some days, I take walks (on today's walk I pilfered a bunch of chicken wire someone was throwing away, which I will fashion into a turtle trap. I'll let you know how it works, Kirsten), I do sudoku puzzles, I try meditating, I make dinner once a week, I look for jobs, I look at birds in my backyard, and I try hard not to argue with my little brother and sisters. I'm getting pretty good at that one (somehow, of all the petty things to argue about, my little bro. and I argue about Mac's vs. PCs). I don't write much, but I mean to often.

And I read. I just finished a book about ADD (don't laugh), and now I'm reading a biography of John Adams, a book about meditation, one with testimonies of Mormons scholars and celebrities, and a book on LDS history. I don't usually read so many books at once.

I applied for a job at Petco as a reptile expert. I don't care to ever own a reptile as a pet, but I do like holding them, something I'm sure I'd do often at this job. I could probably get a great deal on a python for the WC; you know, like a mascot.

I've switched back to thinking I'd like to be a doctor. Regardless of what I do, I want a bachelor's in English. But I don't get excited about a career as an English professor. The results and worth of it would be too abstract, or maybe intangible, for my head; that is to say it's a wonderful field, but I would not fit the job. While making small talk at a YSA activity earlier this week, a kid asked me, "so what are you doing?" in reference to school and career. I took a breath and said, "uhh, well, I might get my BA in English with a minor in Chinese and another in biology and then go to medical school and then go be a doctor in China for a while. Maybe." He said, "...like, seriously?" Yes, seriously, that's my current pipe-dream career. But, then again, I wanted to be a doctor a couple years ago, until I took chemistry, which slapped me around and made me feel stupid. Which I'm not, but I am magically bad at studying and getting school work done. A pound of effort for an ounce of results, that's what school feels like sometimes.

This is very long, thank-you to anyone who read all of it. I miss all of you lots, honest injun. Wish I could be with all of you in the center this fall. I hope everyone is well.



Julie M said...

I'm glad that you like holding reptiles because there are some people in this world (i'm not thinking of anyone whose name starts with a sister and ends with a morgan) that really don't appreciate it.

I think you should be a doctor, and I think you should take as much time as you need to get there. I mean, it takes like 10 years to get through medical school, so if you wait another five that will make you 45 instead of 40 when you finish. What's the difference? Besides, the world needs doctors who actually care about the people they are helping. You should go for it.

Chan said...

Thanks, Julie, that's one of the most enouraging things someone has said to me in a long time. How is PA? The east is beautiful, huh? I hope you are well and happy.

Dan Sorensen said...

I like how you used the word pilfer. Chandler, you are so smart--and handsome.

Sky Scatcher said...

I HATE snakes. When they surfaced in my garden this summer, I hired someone to rip out the whole garden, so they don't have room to hide. Chan, if you don't have a job yet, I know a place in the West where you can get hired ASAP. And Julie, I miss your tongue in cheek humor like crazy. Good, good writing, Chan.

Sky Scatcher said...

And, yes, Chan, you are handsome, but I have doubts about the hair stuff. Keep up the writing.

Meghan said...

Chan,I don't know you, and until I read the comments, I wasn't sure if you were a boy or a girl. The pregnant joke threw me off completly.

How do blogs work? Will you see this comment even though you wrote it forever ago?

I just got back from my mission and get to work at the WC again, which is fabulous. I am just curious what book you read about ADD? My friend and I read a lot about it this summer; it's become a sudden fettish. The book I read is called Healing ADD, by Dr. Amen (amenclinics.com), and it's incredible. It's all about the brain, which until now, I've avoided knowing anything about. You'd like it. Besides, I never had any idea that I, of all perfectly sane people, probably have some type of ADD. It surprised me and humbled me. Once I stopped thinking about it as the glamour disease of the century and looked at it as the way parts of our brains function, I realized I could either continue with crazy mood swings all the time, or I could fix it with a natural amino acid that my brain doesn't get enough of. It's totally changed how I feel every day. Why am I telling this to someone I don't know and might never meet? The Writing Center does that to you I guess. Makes you crazy.

Plus, I have a fever and am bored in bed today. I ought to be doing my homework, but I thought I'd see what this blog thing is all about.

Have a good day!