First letter from Kristen's mission

Hey Sister Morgan! This mission is awesome. I'm not very good at teaching, but everyone has to learn I guess. I want to learn and be good because this is people's salvation at stake here. It is hard. I am ALWAYS tired. I fell asleep in a member's house once. Ooops. I don't think she noticed though. It is so cool to see how the Lord truly blesses His missionaries.
By the time I got to Virginia, I was pretty sick with bronchitis, but I still had to go out and work, so some days I felt like I was dizzy and stumbling around. But it felt like someone kept pushing me to the next door. Then when we got to a doorstep, I felt fine while we talked to someone. Then I'd stumble to the next door and so on. The Lord gets me where He needs me. Then there was one day when nobody was home that we were supposed to see, so we went to see someone we weren't expecting to, and it turned out she really really needed to talk to someone. We actually stayed there for four hours (way against the rules), but this 84 year old lady in our ward is depressed and told us that day she didn't see a reason to keep on going. We couldn't just up and leave her. Man. I'm out of time. I have to go. I wish I could tell you all the amazing things I see here and the people I talk to. Conversion stories are incredible. Someday, I'll have time.
Gotta go. Tell everyone I said hi. Tell me how its going.
Love ya
Sister Meisberger


Chan said...

I remember falling asleep in discussions. And I remember the people I was teaching falling asleep in discussions. Oh well, you do what you can. Sounds like things are good, Kristen. I hope things keep going great. Miss ya!


P.S. - You will probably never ever have enough or more time.

Sky Scatcher said...

Profound, Chan. Very true. Is there "time" in the millennium? Please say there's not. (Chan. When are you going to make your own blog?)

K. You're doing great. And I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father had a hand in sending you to the 84 yr old discouraged woman--whether it broke rules or not. She needed you and He knew that. I'm glad you followed the Spirit.