I have good intentions of posting on here all the time but can never think of what to write. Sister Morgan is probably rolling her eyes and saying, "pffshh, well duh," to her computer as she reads that. It's probably the oldest excuse on the planet for writers. I can recall specific instances when I used it in 2nd grade, but I used it even before that, I'm sure.

Week days roll by one after another. (Well, that's stupid. How else would they roll by, two and three at time? I'm trying to say that week days all seem the same and pass without event) At best I wake up willing to get out of bed and put on my steel-toed sneakers and greasy, dusty shorts and shirt I wear all week without washing. Sometimes a warehouse colleague will say something I can laugh about with my family when I get home (the latest, compliments of Bill: "...of course I can count! I've been countin' since I was six!" Impressive). At worst I go to bed late, convince myself from 5:45 to 5:50am that I won't quit my job and will go in to work, run from my car to the timeclock to punch in by 6:30, try not to work too quickly until lunch at 11:00, forget my plight for a moment at 3:30 while eating a three pack of vanilla Zingers from the gas station on my way home, and then think about doing something productive with my time from 4:00 until I go to bed at 9:30. Refrain.

No, days don't always, or even usually go that miserably. Mostly I like my job, kinda. But time has felt slow the past week with little on the horizon to focus on. It's like the point in a roadtrip when you're tired of your music, conversation has lapsed, you've eaten too many Swedish fish, and you're still too far from your destination to anticipate reaching it. Blah.

Oh well. I'll write again next week when I'll probably be happier. I hope everyone is well, I love reading your posts.



Sky Scatcher said...

Chan,I don't know you, and until I read the comments, I wasn't sure if you were a boy or a girl. The pregnant joke threw me off completly.

How do blogs work? Will you see this comment even though you wrote it forever ago?

I just got back from my mission and get to work at the WC again, which is fabulous. I am just curious what book you read about ADD? My friend and I read a lot about it this summer; it's become a sudden fettish. The book I read is called Healing ADD, by Dr. Amen (amenclinics.com), and it's incredible. It's all about the brain, which until now, I've avoided knowing anything about. You'd like it. Besides, I never had any idea that I, of all perfectly sane people, probably have some type of ADD. It surprised me and humbled me. Once I stopped thinking about it as the glamour disease of the century and looked at it as the way parts of our brains function, I realized I could either continue with crazy mood swings all the time, or I could fix it with a natural amino acid that my brain doesn't get enough of. It's totally changed how I feel every day. Why am I telling this to someone I don't know and might never meet? The Writing Center does that to you I guess. Makes you crazy.

Plus, I have a fever and am bored in bed today. I ought to be doing my homework, but I thought I'd see what this blog thing is all about.

Have a good day!

October 3, 2007 7:36 AM

Sky Scatcher said...

okay, quick clarification, Chandler. The above post is from Meghan Hoyos who worked for me forever ago, and who responded to a forever ago post by you. She told me she'd posted you about ADD, which confused me because I couldn't remember you saying you were ADD, though I've always suspected it (JOKE). Anyway, I copied the post to place here where you can read it, knowing you're not going to wade back through and find it. . . .
Now as to my comments on your present post (is this all confusing enough?), we love hearing from you. We don't care if you're angry, bored, sad, ecstatic, etc. although I did find it annoying that you had to make a cutting remark to yourself about several sentences you wrote, since now I'll have to explain to Meghan that no, you are not ADD nor do you have multiple personalities. Stop talking to yourself. Let us make the cutting remarks. And I hate to say I told you that you should have stayed here and worked, so I won't because it might hurt your feelings to know that you made sch a stupid mistake, though it's not the last stupid mistake you'll make. I'm posting M's picture, so you can connect words with face. She's been with me forever, even use to stay all night at my house. Keeeep writing. So far, Julie's got you beat by a long way. We miss you tons. PS see my blog Birch Trees for update on house. S
By the way, I just noticed that Meghan said she's "perfectly sane"? Ha. Not true. She's sort of gently, with great dignity, insane. I only hire insane people.

Chan said...

Alright Sis. Morgan. I have not, do not, and will not regret deferring a semester. I regret not having a marketable skill (like auto repair, computer...knowledge, or sword swallowing), allowing me to get a job that doesn't bore my brains to mush. I am glad I returned home for a number of reasons, which we'll have plenty of time to talk about when I have returned. If you even still live in Idaho then (I read your blog. It has been a tragic year for you and trees).

Meghan Hoyos, pleased to meet you. Will you be working this winter semester? I read Driven to Distraction. I don't know if I have/had ADD or not, still haven't decided, but enjoyed the book nonetheless. It was interesting to read descriptions of behaviors and think "hey, I do that. And I didn't even know I do that, I just assumed I was nuts/lazy/whatever."

Speaking of multiple personalities, while I have to get by with only one lackluster personality, a lady just moved in with us who has twenty or so. Very interesting. For us. Obnoxious for her.

Sky Scatcher said...

"Deferring a semester"? Is that all you've been gone? It seems like a couple of years.