Thirty seconds of writing which is all I have to spare

1. K-mart is a microcosm for life (more on this later).
2. Teaching is hard.
3. Sugar cookies are best when they are first taken out of the oven.
4. "Hostess" is just another way for saying "Superficial."
5. Life is better when it is cold outside.
6. First graders have an attention span of about 30 seconds.
7. First graders are like fly paper for every germ known to mankind.
8. Run down places known as "the projects" really do exist outside of movies.
9. Teaching is really hard.
10. Ice Cream should be on the National Nutrition Standards Food Essential Chart Thing (Yes I did make that name up) because it is saving my life.
11. Gettysburg should be visited by everyone before they die.
12. I know that more than Anona, Chandler, and Sis. Morgan read this blog so you should all get busy and write!!!!!! (i.e. I miss hearing from you all).


Sky Scatcher said...

Ha. Beautiful post and picture. Mike Danielson called today (did not leave his e-mail or phone) and said, "Well, isn't Julie or Travis around?" Em Poteet said he sounded so ... sort of forlorn or disappointed or something. I agree about K-mart (have thought the same thing myself), ice cream, and teaching. But you look good, Girl. By the way, you did really well for 30 seconds.

Chan said...

Yeah, that would have taken me...well, several minutes, at least, to write. Good to hear from you, Julie. Sounds like you're teaching first grade (should I have already known that?). How is it, aside from hard, germy, really hard, and (apparently) time consuming?

T & J said...
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T & J said...

I love hearing your exciting experiences and seeing your pictures. I'm not going to lie, you've got me pretty scared for when I do my own student teaching. (Who knows where. . .who knows when we'll know where Travis gets accepted to Grad school--gee, you know all about that trauma, dont you?)I just had to drop a note and tell you that you are loved and missed. . .across the country.
Love Jami

Julie M said...

Hey Chan and all else,
First grade is good, but I don't think I was made for it. As soon as I am done with this class, I'm taking the GRE. There is a English composition program that looks very tasty that I am thinking about applying to...but who knows. How about you?

JAMI!!!!!! I'm so happy to hear from you? How is your life? I hope things are going well. I'm really glad you posted.

Sky Scatcher said...

OK, I hate to say "I told you so." But Hooooray for GRE. If you keep going with a PhD as your goal, you stop limiting your options. Around every corner, you'll find more opportunities.