Sooo, guess who's taking the GRE tomorrow (Sat). Yep. Baby face A. I'm very proud of her, though because of my sleep deprived state, I spaced that I was supposed to help her study today. In fact (plug your ears, Julie), it's Friday night 10:24, and I'm still working on Scribblers. There's-got-to-be-a-better-way.
Let's all say many prayers for Anona tomorrow. It's what we would want done for us. She'll do great, but everyone can use all the help they can get. And who better to ask than her Father of all Fathers, since He's also King of the universe. Good luck, Girl. We'll be right there with you.
Speaking of tests, Chan. Your one brother? You know, the weird one who plays a guitar and has a neurosis as bad as mine about returning phone calls? rang me sometime in the middle of the night to give me an update. Uhhhhhh, yeah, sure. No update, except he got good scores on the LSAT, which he was very happy about and wanted to know if I'd write him a recommendation. I'd love to say YES, but he left no phone number, no e-mail, and didn't say when he'd call back. What a ditz. Also, I wish he'd call Rhett, who really is so happily married he makes everyone throw up, but who is stressing mightily about the LSAT, to give him some encouragement.
Chriiiiiiisss Mooooower and AAAAAfton, where are you? Geez, don't you hate fair-weather friends who just drop in once in a while and then leave for long months? When I sent Chris rights to the site on his gmail, I thought for sure we were in for some great posts. But, what do I know?

Speaking of ditzes (joke), what are you doing, Chan? Don't sit around. Really. This one thing I know: Work of any kind (except for maybe the mud-sucking job you had) is a great blessing. Get a job at Burger King or something. And I'm happy for you that you turned Black--great honor. I'm being serious. Are your sisters and brother still here in Rexburg? and dare I ask? What ever happened to Princess Melissa? (Do I sound cynical? I don't mean to. I'm not cynical. I'm overwhelmed. Ha. This morning I was eating Cheerios, Breakfast of Champions?--wow, what false advertising that is--and I fell dead asleep--woke up to find the cat eating the rest of the milk. Good thing church is only a day away.) GO GET 'UM, ANONA!


E. Anona said...

Thanks Sister Morgan. It's nice to have my own personal cheerleader. (JOKE) So I emailed you already, but for everyone else, here's the update:

I've been studying like crazy this week for the GRE, and have come to realize who my truly good teachers were and who my not-so-good ones were. Some classes I remember everything from and some I just remember one or two things we spent most of our time on.

This morning I got up (thankfully--for some reason my alarm didn't go off or I turned it off in my sleep) and left 45 minutes early, just in case. I'm really bad with directions, and I was afraid I'd accidentally drive to SLC or something. I made it to the testing center on time, took the test, drove home, all was well. Poor Travis (Jami's hubby). He came in late because he got lost and we had to start over reading the instructions.

Anyway, I get home and find out I took some guy's cellphone that looks exactly like mine from the pile in the testing room. And he lives in Pocatello. I apologized and he was pretty nice about it, but I felt so stupid and just had to crash for a few hours.

I think I did okay, not like colleges will be beating down my doors to recruit me, but okay. I swear there were some people/works on that test that I have never ever even heard mention of and never will again. Oh yes; for the right price, I will send anyone my study sites!!!

Julie M said...

Name your price Anona.

Julie M said...

Also, I have a great idea for you Sis. Morgan.
You can put me back on the WC payroll and I'll edit your scribblers for you every week. You can have assistants email them to me and I'll edit them throughout the week and send them back Thursday night. That way I can be like Chan and quit my job and everyone's lives are easier. Okay, maybe I'm kidding. Well, only sort of.

Sky said...

You're hired, Julie, with a triple raise, and no one will be happier than Anona and EmPo.
By the way, Anona is totally lying in this post. She sounds like she was so calm and controlled? Ha. Over the past week, her hair started falling out, and skin peeled off her arms (didn't think we noticed, did ya, Anona), but still she wears that perfect "queen" mask of hers? She takes the GRE with poise--queen-like--so no one notices she's hyperventilating. Then, because she has this neurosis of never letting her tension show, keeps it bottled up until she explodes into pieces that blow into the universe, she's trying so hard not to collapse with total relief after the test that she steals some poor guy's cell phone who's still sweating over the test, wondering who the heck is Wilkie Collins. Then they throw her in jail; Husband drives to Pocatello to bail her out using two month's rent, and Mrs. Prissy, who falls apart when she breaks a crosswalk rule (Just ask Julie) has to be driven home in an ambulance hooked up to Oxygen and a heart monitor. Once in the door, she bursts into tears instead of lying calming down for a NAP. Man, it's lucky I'm around to keep her honest. She'll do anything to cover up real emotions including lie her head off. -- or,... maybe her total fabrication of complete, in controlled calmness was an act of compassion? A way of sparing the rest of you needless worry and anxiety, which isn't productive to studying for the GRE? In that case, I'm sorry for tipping you off to what really happened.-----
OK, I'm totally lying--except for the breakdown of total relief after the Big Day. She made it. And we're proud of her. Good job, A.

Leanna said...

Sister Morgan, you can add to your list ME! I wonder if you keep forgetting to mention my name in association with scribblers because I am probably the worst editor of all. I do stay just as late as everyone else, though, so I, too, would be very grateful if scribblers died completely OR were just sent to Julie.

E. Anona said...

Okay, maybe there were some tears in the bloody aftermath...

But Julie, if you're taking the English subject GRE, google Vade Mecum GRE. It also has links to other sites.

Julie M said...

Sis. Morgan, I hope that when I die, you write my obituary. It may not be factual, but it will be a lot more interesting than anything else anyone will come up with.