Presentation of Chagall Flowers

These flowers are not as beautiful as the ones Emily Martin makes, but since they're from Chagall's collection, (whom I've always loved because he's just off center enough to continually surprise me), I want to present them to the Scribbler Editors--who have kept us from humiliation and ruin by cleaning up our bad writing before it hits a professor's desk--in particular EmPo, Leanna Banana, Baby Face Anona, and may their job forever rest in peace. Also, to all those who stayed many evenings to help them, to Meghan and Rhett for the work on new template ( though don't get too comfortable with it; it's still evolving.) also to Sarah for Friday morning help, to . . . well, actually I guess they go to everyone--to those who took over nine sessions in a row of almost straight Econ papers, to those who have stayed cheerful and continually step up for sessions. Notice I have not posted an employee of the month? I've never had a time before now when I had so many assistants who go above and beyond their stewardship to help the Center that I literally could not choose one or even two.

But one complaint from you that these are poor substitutes for Viking candy bars, and I'll take them back immediately. Besides who ever heard of students who would trade Chagall's flowers for a candy bar.

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