I have to tell you guys, I'm a happy person. I'm sittin' the living room with my family. Most of us are watching the Biggest Loser finale (embarrassing but true), crammed in an area not meant for 9 adults and a baby. My oldest brother is playing with his six-month old daughter (Sydney, my niece), Mom is writing Christmas cards, the Christmas tree is beautiful. Merry Christmas everyone, I miss you all, I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday.



Sky said...

Chandler, what a beautiful post. Thank you. Can I come to your house?
If your older brother is home, tell him I got his stuff and will send it this Friday (probably minus the stuff he wanted me to add about his handsome well-built body.)
Will you be willing to take on a supervisor position when you come? It's mostly following my quiet orders, so people think you and the other supervisors are in charge, looks good on reumee, and means a slight raise.

Sky said...

Sorry about forgetting to spell check. Oops.

Chan said...

Sis. Morgan,

you are welcome at our house any time.

I would love to take a supervisor position. However, (I've thought about this lately) I've only actually worked at the WC for a semester and a half. You've probably forgotten that because it seems like I've been around for forever. So, I'd be happy to be a supervisor, but if you'd like to choose someone with more experience, that's fine.

I hope you are well.

empo said...

Sis. Morgan,

You're a wise woman. Offering Chandler a superviser position via the blog is the best way to go. How could he possibly turn it down when everyone can see your offer and his response?!

Sky said...

Ha, No, I did not forget, Chan. You know the Center well. EmPoteet is my other supervisor, Chan, though she'll only be there two more months, and I haven't asked her yet. You now are part of the senior assistant group. Besides, I seldom pick supervisors from seniority--even if there were several in a senior position over you. It's more from watching students to see when the commitment to the Center comes. It's focus, even more than experience. Sara is doing scheduling; Danny needs help with the training. I'm hoping Jami steps in there, but it's up to Danny to get his committee going. Dan is resident techy and artist. Meghan is my personal assistant--which leaves you two in charge. But, then, of course, if you really don't want the raise that comes with it, then . . . Don't worry. It's just basically running the whole Center because I believe it should be run by students. (I do train you for it a little. I promise.)