The way people walk


Did everyone have a good break? How is school going now? Chan, are you back? Are you happy to be?

My favorite time was when seminar started back up again, especially in the fall. Seeing people stream into the Center that I hadn't seen all summer long was always so buoying. The desk was the best place to sit for this. People would come up that hallway by the Reading Center. You could see them approach from a distance, and just by the way that they walked, you could tell who it was. Does anyone remember that seminar where Sis. Morgan had us analyze and describe how we walked? I think she described Millie as a battalion leader. She had her walk back and forth across the room again and again. Anyway, we would eventually be herded into the room and the talking would continue. I would get this small feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was like laughter, but not the kind you let out loud. It was probably what most people would just call happiness. But it was so exquisite. Feeling my stomach fill up with something that wasn't visible, that wasn't tangible.

I miss seminar.
I'm glad I got to be there.


Chan said...

Is this Julie? I think this is Julie. Yes, Julie, I am back, and happy to be so.

Mirth, is that a good word for the thing in your stomach? I know the feeling, anyhow.

I am well. I'm working through the perennially rocky semester start, but on the whole, I'm happy. I think I'm learning to be generally happy, not just intermittently happy, and I like it. How are you and how do you fill your day? I'll try to keep up with this post, I know how...precious it is when you're not at school.

Sky said...

Oh, Ha. Julie's a bigfatliar. I would never march an assistant around the room and make everyone look at her/him. Uh, well, maybe once, but just with Millie.Oh, how brave and hotly unsparing of other's feelings I am when I want to make a point. Let's just hope it was a good point. Did she feel stupid? I can't remember. (We sure miss you.)

Leanna said...

Oh yes, Sis. Morgan. I remember that seminar quite well. And ever since then I have been more aware of how I walk and what it might be saying about me as a person. So I do believe your point was well made.

Sky said...

Oh, poor Millie. Do you think it added to her neurosis? Everytime I think of her marching back and forth across the room, I break into loud laughter. Why didn't someone stop me?