And the Oscar goes to...

Well, I have just called the important people in my life and emailed Sara Shawcroft, (who so thoughtfully emailed me), so now I can let you know:

We're having a little girl!

At least I hope she's little. I try not to think about the actual birth part too much, but big is not good, I know that much.

I have a cold and I'm queasy and I have one miderm left before I'm done with stressful midterms and I DON'T FIT IN ONE OF MY SHIRTS ANYMORE! Which is the true travesty. I wanted to write something worth reading but I just started whining, so I'll stop now.

Pickle is obviously out, so please people, give me a girl name that goes with Sobczak!


Sky said...

A. go to D.I. and get some hippie clothes. Take pictures for us. "Llly Casandra." Well, maybe not "Casandra."

And I'm declaring this "Whine" day. I've had the flu since last week. Went into work for a little while last night and, no good. So, Meg called Jason to take me to the Emergency room tonight, but I quickly talked him out of it, which didn't take much--he's the queeziest (is that a word?) of my useless sons. But,. . . I may go tomorrow if I still feel like this because even braving the most loathsome of all earth's creatures--doctors--would be better than this. I'm so glad you whined today, Sister A, so I could feel justified in my own whine. Thank you. S.M.

Leanna said...

Okay, well if it's whine time--I have the flu, too! But luckily, since I am officially 12 weeks along (beginning of 2nd trimester) I can finally start taking medicine again! (When you're in your in first tri, all of baby's organs are still developing, so they recommend not taking any medicine so you don't screw anything up pretty much.) I'm still sick, but at least I feel like I am doing something to help myself get better. And I hope I get better soon, too, because I can't miss too many more days of student teaching! Those snot-nosed little sixth graders probably got me sick. Curses on them. Okay, no curses, but really evil scornful looks upon them all!

Oh and one last thing--my mom is going to U of U, and she went to their Writing Center to get some help, and I want to go punch them all in the nose because they were so incredibly rude, they did everything wrong that you can do in a session, and they made her cry all night! I'll have to write more later about everything that they did wrong, though. Right now it's nap time.

Julie M said...

Congrats Anona! Pickle will be such a cute name for a girl. Just kidding.
I am really excited for you.

And I've always liked the name Tabitha. But to each their own.

Julie M said...

Sis. Morgan. Why do you need to go the ER? Do you have that influenza? Maybe you should call one of the assistants to take you? I could call them for you if you like. (I don't actually know many of them anymore, but I could call Chan for you and ask him to rush you to the ER).
And not all doctors are worthless. I'll grant you that I have encountered some that I would rather not meet again until I am a perfect being and not liable to do anything devilish, but I know quite a few good ones. Besides, I have to defend them. My husband is going to be one.

Chan said...

Howabout Judyjack. Judyjack Sobczak. That's pretty good. And you could call her Udyj for short.

Congrats, Anona. I have no advice, but I hope it all goes as well as it's supposed to.

Sis. Morgan, I would be happy to take you to the ER. What if I become a doctor?

Julie M said...

How are medical school preparations coming, Chan?

Chan said...

Oh, I'm between decisions. Professor, or doctor, that's still my toss up. I think I'd be more prone to go with "doctor", except I haven't taken a single class (well, I haven't passed a single class) I need for med school, and I'd hate to not major in English. I've finally begun to like it in the past few weeks.

Julie M said...

You can still major in English. Just take the medical school pre-reqs. There's a kid here who was a humanities major, another who did physics. YOu get them all