Shouted from the rooftops? That's a good thing, at least Kaitlin says...

...Regarding my loud and large personality. An interesting thing to think about. I should post some of my "I hate my Bruce" essays sometime.

I borrowed my girlfriend's car last night. It was five 'til curfew, and I've promised God I'll get in on time. If she took me home, she'd be late herself, so I just took her car. She called me at 9 this morning (ugh.... too early...) to wake me up and tell me I could bring her the Civic. I went outside into the brisk and noticed how large the pile of snow-plow ice still was in my parking lot. I chanced a glance (tee hee) onto the ground and saw this quarter that I'm not sure is still legal currency. It appears to have been hidden under the ice all winter, and only in the recent thaw has it revealed itself.

It's almost completely covered in brown rust, and what isn't covered is green. I can't read what state it is, but it's a 2007 minting and if anyone is from "The Evergreen State" and sees jumping fish when they are home, let me know.

I just wonder how many treasures are hidden in the snow, and how many things in life are similarly hidden. Today Kaitlin asked me if I ever wondered who my friends would end up with. Honestly, I haven't really thought like that. I mean, I've thought about it for me, but that's concerning enough to myself and I don't worry about the eventual prospects of near-strangers. Point is, it made me think about how many individuals there are around us and how deep everyone is. Yeah, we can't all be "deep like the ocean" (so deep we're unfathomable,) but every person is an individual and has a life full of stories we can learn from. It's like hidden treasure all around us that lives and breathes and steps in line before me so it takes me longer to get my lunch. You know that guy handing out flyers for an event you won't attend? He actually has an
entire life he's lived.

It's like those dinosaurs on top of the stairs going from the Hinckley parking lot to Aspen Village. Sometime last semester, someone got several toy dinosaurs, wrote names on their sides, and placed them in a cute diorama by a tree. When winter came, they were hidden by the snow, but now spring has revealed their persistence and they are still there. Neat things like that, I love it.
Just funny how stupid things like ugly coins make you think.


Sky said...

Some great detail. I love detail. The quarter imagery? Nice. And, Matt I didn't say you were "loud" just long-winded and maybe a little pushy. Or rather long-winded (like Kaitlin) and a non-listener? Or...long-winded and too energetically, happily helpful? Yeah, that's it. Not a bad thing at all (except in sessions).

Chan said...

Matt, your posts make me laugh, and make me green with envy. Oh, okay, not really green, that's an exaggeration. And a cliche. But your writing sounds so effortlessly witty and engaging, which is not a quality my writing usually has, which is a quality I admire. And covet. A little.

The quarter is from WA. I know because I always see jumping fish when I go to WA.

Sarachel said...

Chandler, your deductive reasoning skills are astounding. Truly.

Matthew R. Hall, Esq. said...

I have to agree with Chan about the fish. I've personally never seen such fish, but if Chan says that fish jump in WA, then fish jump in WA.

But thanks for the compliment. At least for me, I try to write like I talk, or how I write in my journal. I just pretend everyone else doesn't exist, and my writing sounds less contrived. It's not perfect yet, but getting better.

Nate Russ said...

The other day I was reading this when I remembered that I spat my gum out onto the snow like one day it would dissapear. Im suddenly ashamed thanks to your blog. I dont know who will find it one day, but maybe it will be caught in a chunk of amber and scientists will extract dna and blah blah blah then I kill the guy on the toilet.
the end

P.S. Sorry for saying "toilet" Sister Morgan.

Kaitlin said...

Hey! Did you call me long-winded, Sis. Morgan? Did I not submit the shortest poem in the entire Pre-Professional Conference? I wonder what else people have been saying about me while I haven't been on the blog to defend myself. I guess I'll keep this post brief so no further accusations can be made. haha