I really think the break was too short.

I don't think all of us were able to fully recover with the short week break we had. I'm personally taking a few trips in the next month, but what about the rest of us? What about the little people?

I think the general mind-wear from the last semester is destroying my creative ability. I picture my creative spark as this little Amish man (don't know why he's Amish,) in a room in my brain, sitting asleep in a rocking chair with his face resting on his hand. Wake up, little Amish man in my head-- I need good ideas.

Also, no matter how hard I try, I can't get to bed before 2. I'm too busy. Sister Morgan, did your sleep doctor give any good suggestions for forcing yourself to bed?


Chan said...

When I was a kid in New York we lived near an Amish settlement. There was one kid who had a this horse he rode to school every day, so he named the horse Toby the Schoolbus. That's pretty creative.

Sky said...

"Little Amish man" is better than "slobbering Harley Biker?"
My doctor lectured me enough about sleep deprivation to scare the living ___out of me. I was amazed. So I used meditation, will-power, bribes, and then a hammer--none of which worked. Called Doctor last week in tears (no sleep wrecks intellect, emotional stability, and memory). He prescribed sleep aids (as in drugs)until I can reestablish strict habits. It gets me to sleep, then prayer keeps me sleeping. However, stress is the kicker. I was headed from SLC straight for work yesterday, stopped to take 20 minute nap (per dumb-dumb Kaitlin's advice) and slept for six hours. Crawled back into bed at 11:00 and slept until 3:00 today. Don't mess with it, or you'll have weird people speaking cryptic Greek sentences in your mind like Dan--And Beau, who now has some lady from Kentucky shrieking at him to make fun of everything he does. Look at my function ability in the last three months--not worth it. Sleep rules.

iBo said...

I've been working at sleeping earlier as well, and one thing that helps me is if I make small steps towards that goal. If I normally sleep at 2, I'll say to myself, "pack everything up and be in bed at 130 or I'll shoot you". Step by step. Though it is very important to be disciplined enough to just quit what you're doing and go to bed. I'm up to 1 am now :p.

T & J said...

Oh, the Amish. Apparantly we'll be living really close to their "settlement" in Lancaster. They have shirts that say, "The Way to Paradise is through Intercourse." I'll send you all one when I can. Okay, don't freak out, Paradise and Intercourse are towns. You happen to drive through Intercourse to arrive in Paradise. Don't lie--you all want to wear those shirts.

Julie M said...

It's so good to see people posting again. I was afraid that it would be given up for lost.
There are some Amish people who live by us too. They are kind, quiet, and very plain. They have to come to the hospital sometimes. You see them pull up in their black horse and black buggy with caution lights blinking from the back. (Kind of a contradiction?) But I know it takes a lot of creativity to figure out to live in our current world without a telephone. Sometimes I wish I were Amish for that reason.

E. Anona said...

Hey, does anyone know how to stop having really vivid dreams while they sleep--not nightmares, just weird dreams. ?? (Nothing involving the Amish yet though, thank goodness,)
I don;t think what I eat is a factor, unless sugar can make you have weird dreams.

Sky said...

Gasp. I'm still recovering from Sweet Baby Jami's comment. Too funny. I don't know why almost everything she says makes me fall off the chair, laughing. Anona, I still remember my pregnancy dreams. Surround-sound, vivid, no sense--I wrote them down to make a future Monty Python movie. Even though women are made to have lots of babies, I think our bodies are still surprised. We knew before we came to earth, but how could we really know this? ...paradise/hell called "life on earth?"

Julie M said...

Jami is right, Sis. Morgan. I've been to Intercourse and Paradise myself. They are about 45 minutes away from us. I know, shocking. And the Amish are suppose to be conservative.

I had a really disturbing dream the other night that this new government came in and took over our whole society. They erased everyone's brain, and then we all had to go to work in this huge factory. No one had a family or friends anymore. Any social contact was dissolved. But they missed my brain somehow and I was trying to fix everything, and find David and convince him that he was married to me, and run away from the government who was trying to kill me. I have no idea where this dream came from, as I haven't read Anthem or 1984 for over 6 years. As I am not pregnant, I am going to guess that something is in the water. If you figure something out, Anona, let me know. I want it to be a long time before I have a dream like that again.

Crystal said...

Amish people scare me.
Don't ask. Long story.

As for going to bed early, every night my roommates and I tell each other that we're going to bed RIGHT NOW. Then we grab some food and sit back down on the couch.

I've given up on sleep. I'll sleep when I'm really old and I have nothing else to do.