There must be something in the water at the WC...

because it's going around. Summer semester, it was getting married. This fall/winter, it's getting pregnant. What I'm really trying to say? I'm pregnant now too! And I'm so excited about it! I can't believe a little person is growing inside of me. Not only is this a monumental event for me and Travis (as it's our first child), but it is also my parents first grandchild, my brother's first nephew or neice, and my grandparents (on my dad's side) first great grandchild. Woo-hoo! The expected delivery date is December 8, right before finals of my last semester--finishing school just in time to be able to stay home full-time with our baby. I'll keep you guys updated on how the pregnancy goes!


Emily Poteet said...

YAY FOR MARRIAGE AND BABIES! Congrats! I know I just used two exclamation points, but in a situation like this, I think it's deserved. Wahoo!

Nate Russ said...

this totally reminds me of the Nutragrain commercial a couple years ago.


I laughed so hard, I bought a box that day...and I don;t even like to eat them. Just goes to show how effective advertisements are. hope you think this is funny, and I'm not a total loser.

E. Anona said...

BYU kindly protects us from Youtube by blocking it from our complex, but is that the "babies everywhere" commercial? I love that one.
Congrats on the new little one Jenny! Going to school on those days when you feel gross is hard when you're pregnant, but it really makes you think about how many people are walking around campus physically ill that we don't know about.
It being your last semester helps too with the countdown.
Now that we have a substantial contingent of preggies on the blog, be sure to post if you want to talk about anything...puke, for example. Your husband can give you sympathy, but we can give you empathy.

Sky said...

Ahhhh, well said, Anona, well said.

T & J said...

That was the weirdest youtube I've ever seen. The attitudes are realistic, which is scary :)

T & J said...

P.S. (I couldn't figure out where to put this comment, so I guess here is as good as any. . .) Either I'm an idiot or I can't post on this blog. I mean, obvioulsy I can comment, but I can't make my own. For those of you who have criticized my negligence, it's not because I didn't put in the effort. So could someone either help me stop being an idiot by telling me how to post or could somehow work his or her magic so that I can? Whew. Thanks. Glad that's out in the open.
~Jami Nichols~

Emily Poteet said...


Good news. I didn't know how to post for a long time either. (I owe my posting knowledge to Chan. Thanks, Chan, by the way.)

In the top right-hand corner of the blog page, it says "sign in" and "New post" (or something like that. To be honest, this page didn't fully download for me just now, so I'm doing this off of memory. Neat.) Anywho, click the New Post link, and it should work for ya!

T & J said...

Thanks for the wonderful instructions! Unfortunately, it didn't work :) Ha ha I have a "sign out" button and "subscribe to this post" or something like that, but no "add post." I bet they're keeping me off on purpose.
Ha just kidding. I'm content to comment on others' posts anyway :) Thanks! Jami