This is me

This is me not writing my big fat essay that's due tomorrow in Bro. Samuelson's class. No big deal. It's 7:30, which means I have about eight hours before my brain hits the switch and says, "no more, buddy." Nine if I steal a can of Mountain Dew from my roommate.

I'm trying to think of what's been on my mind lately, but I'm not coming up with much. This paper I'm not working on, being a TA, and girl stuff. That's all. That's depressing. These are worries, and they're not even very cool ones. I want exciting and happy things hanging around in my head.

Sister Morgan, I think that snow falling past a light at night looks like a crowd of people all moving in the same direction, like people crossing the street in New York City or Chicago or someplace like that.

The first person to respond to this post gets a mint.



Matthew R. Hall, Esq. said...

Hm. I do the same thing all the time. I know what I should be doing, but then who will check Wired to see if any new news has been posted?

Don't have much useful to say about this. I really do like the snow analogy. Like a flock or something. Interesting.

E. Anona said...

Dang it. I wanted a mint shipped to me. Samuelson, huh. Please tell me what you think of him. And Sis. Morgan let you be a TA?
Hope you got the paper done. I have a 15-pager due Friday on the common law process. Remind me why I care.??

Sky said...

Anona, I miss you (this is me writing to you instead of finishing this stupid Annual Report because I DON'T CARE either. Anytime I have to justify what we do in terms of money, I feel like migrating north). And please no discussions of Samuelson on this here blog.
I cracked my rib, Anona, and it's annoying, and I just wanted to let someone know--especially someone who probably has more aches and pains than ... my brain just somersaulted off the back of my chair and died a horrible death on the floor. I'll have to finish that comparison next week. Knock out the paper, Girl. Sit down and knock it out.

Sarachel said...

This is me, writing on the blog instead of studying for my test. This is the last test for that class. The last one. And I don't want to do it. I'm completely finished with this class if I will just take the darn test, but here I am writing on the blog.

Maybe I'll go home and take the test tomorrow.

Travis & Jenny Holloway said...

This is me spending time bumming around in the library instead of going to the second half of my way-too-long Ear Training class. So, instead of forcing myself to do yet another melodic dictation, I am catching up on all of the blogs of people I know. Did I mention that my Tuesdays and Thursdays always feel better when I skip at least a part of that class? Oh well, only two more days of it left. I think that falling snow is synonymous to dust swirling in the ray of sunshine that streams through your living room window. The main thing that has been on my mind lately has been the question of when spring will ever come. That's even more sad than your worries of late Chan. Hope TAing will be a good experience for you.

E. Anona said...

So Sis. Morgan, I still remember last semester when you gave us the advice in seminar to shut ourselves in a room over Thanksgiving break and just do the homework we brought with us. It was awesome advice. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you to cowboy up and just do the darn assignment, paper, whatever. Likewise, this semester I will just sit down, stop whining, and type 15 pages of crap on the Constitution, 15 pages on the Middle East, 6 pages on Greece, and graduate because of it.

You, however, need help. You can't just sit down, stop whining, and get over pain. Last week my back started hurting and got worse until I learned that it is impossible to function with constant pain at a certain level.
I'm all better now, but I was very, very nice to my body while it was hurting, and I hope you're doing the same.
I probably sound like your mother now, but seriously, tell yourself how old you are and what's wrong with your physical body and then take a break guilt-free. (I use my pregnancy for this all the time.)

Julie M said...

You cracked a rib? How?

Sky said...

"I want exciting and happy things hanging around in my head." I love that statement, Chan. A whole world of philosophy and psychology lies underneath it. I'm looking forward to conference weekend because I always float in happiness during and after as I hear Apostles answering questions I'm currently praying about and feel the energy and strength from the Gospel pouring into empty holes in my soul. The gift of pure faith that comes through the TV is almost physical.

Julie M said...

Yes, agreed, Sis. Morgan. BUT you still didn't answer the question. I'll start bugging you on your email about it too.

Nate Russ said...

I assume the mint is gone by now. If you have a second one can I have it? Oh, and if it's one of those Writing Center ones, you can keep it (and I will secretly be offended) and just wallow in your girl troubles. (girl troubles suck by the way)