Blogs, Anyone?

If you have a personal blog, how about letting us know so that we can come visit? Just a suggestion, since we all need other things to do besides homework. Actually, the truth is that I am hopelessly addicted to looking at people's blogs; last night Travis caught me looking at a stranger's blog. When he accused me of it, I said, "No--I found this blog from my cousin's link to her friend's sister's blog. . ." but I quickly faded out when I realized he was right. So do me a favor and let me spend my time looking at my friend's blogs, ok?


Dan said...

I know mine's on the last post, but it's www.danmadethisblog.blogspot.com .

Julie M said...

I have a half-hearted effort that is going to become really really cool someday. It is www.davidandjuliebaird.blogspot.com.

iBo said...


I try to update it, but usually fail. But hey I got an E for effort!

Matthew R. Hall, Esq. said...


I wonder how much you can really learn about someone by reading their blog. I wonder if it is like those perfectly crafted and filtered missionary letters where humanity is witheld for the purpose of image, or if they really are brilliantly honest. Jami, in your blog expeditions you should look at this and then write something about your findings.

Crystal said...

I have a blog. Aren't you proud of me?
It's http://faeriecrystals.blogspot.com/

Of course, there's currently nothing on it...but that's beside the point. It's there.

Oh, and Miriam has a blog as well: http://mimiandrews.blogspot.com/