Here are some pics from the last Winter 2008 Seminar/closing party, as promised. (We won't even talk about how delayed I am at getting these on here...just think of them as a bit of nostalgia now =) .)

Sister Morgan teaching and laughing:

We never say goodbye.

That was a dang good cake!

Keirsten, with her bad self.

The WC Crew:

All together now!

I miss you all! Hope y'all are having a good semester. Please drop me a line sometime on my blog http://www.tjholloway.blogspot.com. Take care! --Jenny Holloway


Sky said...

Thanks for taking the time to do this, Jenny. Good feeling. Good memories.

Crystal said...

Sis. Morgan, if you don't go to bed early tonight, you are going to owe me a milkshake.

Wait, when are we going to? I vote we stop right now, while I'm still ahead.

Sky said...

Wrong, Crystal. We can only stop when I win.