Marjorie is dreaming of Horses

There is this song that always reminds me of Sister Morgan. I dont' know why. Maybe because she likes horses. It came on the other day while I was feeding Ella. You see, I made this special playlist on my iPod for labor & delivery entitled "Chill songs" It consists of everything from Nick Drake (the inspiration to begin with) and Aimee Mann to Brian Webb and Counting Crows. It's purpose was to calm and inspire during the deep gilted contractions. Needless to say, it had little effect (or would that be affect?) over said pains, mostly due to the fact that my iPod didn't leave my bag until after the babe had arrived. I personally doubt it would have made much difference anyway. That huge needle, on the other hand, that they stuck into my back--that did wonders! Continuing on: As I was feeding little Ella the other day, I plugged those ear pods into my head to listen to my chill songs since I didn't have to worry about not being able to hear her cries over the music since she was in my own lap happily eating away. (Really long run-on sentance) "Another Horsedreamer's Blues" comes on, and my mind is directed toward thoughts of Sister Morgan. Every time I hear this song, I think of her. Does anyone else know this song? What do you think--Does it spark any thoughts of our dear WC instructor? Here are the lyrics for interested parties.

Margery's dreaming of the middle of the day
Tiyuri to win
Perfect Dozen to place
Money is the matter that's been on her mind
Time ticks by her one race at a time
She's trying to be a good girl
And give 'em what they want
But Margery's dreaming of horses
Looking' at a green sky
Sun like a red eye
Bright blue horses are the fortune she lives by
She's tired and lonely
Scared and depressed
Her visions of one day go racing the next
She's trying to be a good girl
And give 'em what they want
But Margery's dreaming of horses
Margery doesn't say anything all the way home
So afraid she'll awake to find she's all alone
Margery's wingspan's all feathers and coke cans,
andTV dinners and letters she won't send, and
Every race night is shot through with sunlight
Trying to hit the big one one last time tonight for...
Drunken fathers and stupid mothers and
Boys who can't tell one girl from another
So she takes her pills
Careful and round
One of these days she's gonna throw the whole bottle down
But she's trying to be a good girl
And give 'em what they want
But Margery's dreaming of...
Trying to be a good girl
And give 'em what they want
But Margery's dreaming of horses

p.s. pics of my new babe, Ella Sophia, can be found at sarahsemptyspaces.blogspot.com.


Sky said...


Also. Congratulations. "Ella" is my mother's name. I've never heard it anywhere else.

Chan said...

Congratulations Sarah. Sis. Morgan and I were just talking about a seminar when Mike Danielson put up a painting of a cowboy and we were supposed to say what his personality was like, or something, and you said, "he has a strong sex drive." Ella is my neice's name. This is one of my fave Counting Crows songs. I think it is Sis. Morgan-ish because 1) it is about horses (sort of), and 2) the line "drunken fathers and stupid mothers and boys that can't tell one girl from another" sounds like a cross section of the steady stream of problems that flows through Sis. Morgan's office via WC Assistants.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Chandler. (not for bringing up my past comments though) Just in case you were wondering, I did repent of said comment.

Sky said...

Sarah, I think we all thought it was a great comment.

E. Anona said...

Yes, I still remember that day in Seminar. Well, I guess if you have to be remembered for something...