So Much Stuff

Even after my family came and took our bed, dresser, night stands, cedar chest, extra pictures, and more, we still have too much to take in two small cars. So here's the deal: for you, my friends who are getting married--or heck, even those who aren't--please come and see if you want anything. To give you an idea of some things we have, I'll make a quick list.

  • Ironing board
  • Iron
  • Cookie mixer with extra beaters (what is the right name for that thing?)
  • TONS of picture frames
  • Glass cookie jar
  • A few flower vases
  • Lots of clocks that don't work but are probably easily fixed (for someone able to do so. . .)
  • A stand-up lamp and a table lamp
  • Some canned food

This just gives you an idea. Travis wants an empty house soon (we're getting nervous about how much will actually fit), so if this stuff isn't gone in a few days, we'll take it to D.I. Give me a call or e-mail me if you want to come by and I'll tell you how to get here. We're on 113 S. 3rd E.

Enjoy your first week DONE with finals and school for a while!



Sky said...

OK, I am 61 (or 62, I can't remember) and I have never had a glass cookie jar. I speak first (and one picture frame). C'mon, guys and girls, I'm older, nicer, wiser,. . . prettier, and I WANT THE COOKIE JAR.

Jami said...

Okay, the cookie jar is yours :) It's quite classy, I must admit. Because you're older, prettier, and wiser, it may even come full of cookies (so tell me what kind is okay for you to eat, k? Or tell me your favorite kind. Either way).

Sky said...

All right. I'm so glad I spoke first before the new apartment full of WCs saw your post. Chocolate. Anything chocolate.

Jami said...

OK, except for the food, all of it is at D.I. Travis thinks I must have lived through the Great Depression, for I hate throwing things away. So after much talking and coaxing (assuring me that poor people who are struggling will end up with our stuff), we dumped it off there. Hopefully he's right.

Dan said...

When are you leaving, Jami? Oh, and I wrote your friend.

Jami said...

Thanks, Dan. She needs a lot of help, as you could probably tell (plus she's beautiful, as you also probably saw from her blog :). As of a few minutes ago, we're leaving tomorrow. I'm going crazy. I'll catch you later (maybe from a different part of the country). Gotta pack.

Sarachel said...

Say hi to Ohio for me when you go through.

Leanna said...

Sis. Morgan, I have your cookie jar! It's so cool; I think I might just keep it for myself...j/k Just let me know if you're ever going to be up on campus or even just somewhere here in Rexburg, and I can meet you there with it. You deserve it more than i do. =D

Sky said...

LEANNA. Don't even think of stealing my cookie jar. I bribed, pleaded, threatened, coaxed, and finally cried to get that cookie jar.
Hey, come and meet us on Main street for the International Dancer's parade. 6:00. I'll meet you at the corner of New York Burrito. (That way you can park in Porter's parking lot.) If Lance is working, and you need a ride, call me.
Hey, EVERYONE who is still here, meet us there also. It'll be hot, but Ivor promised to break dance in between the dancers, and we can buy a ton of banana snow cones. Then, we'll visit all the little stands and look for Chinese rice paper or purple Tiki drums.

iBo said...

I made no such promise :p