Hello friends. I am writing from some obsure library in PA and they have a timer for the computer! I can't believe it. (I keep saying that with everything out here. There aren't even blinds on our windows because of how thick the trees are. Travis loves it; I'm trying.) Needless to say, I don't have much time.
We're getting the internet on August 12th and I'm looking forward to it. Did we do the right thing? Julie, you're much more brave than I am.
How is everyone doing? Where is everyone for the seven week break? I guess now it's about 6 or 5 weeks, but don't shoot me for reminding you how quickly it's flying by. Oh yeah, I forgot. I'm too far for any of you to shoot me even if you wanted to. I guess there is a perk to being on the opposite side of the country.
Anona, contratulations on the baby! EmPo, you are such a beautiful bride and I'm happy for you.
Once we get the internet, I'll describe our trip on our blog. By the way, it is www.travnjam.blogspot.com so you can come and visit. For a short version, though, I'll just say that now I know how to change a fuel filter, a fuel pump, and to report an accident on my insurance (not my fault. Someone backed in to me). That's all for now though.
Much love.


Sky said...

Jami, Jami, I can't believe you're really gone. When you get your Internet, please set up a Face Book account. It's easy, and we load most of the pictures there now. (Your pics are quite famous.) Plus, you can hook up to almost everybody and chat with us everyday--even though it gets rather insane and just plain stupid sometimes, it'll feel like you never left.
I love trees, and with Travis, you'll be safe from everything. Is there a temple nearby? I have a good friend there who worked for me a long time--Nate's older sister. You'll love her, but I'll wait until you are more settled. We miss you, and I know you did the right thing 'cause of how doors opened for you. Get your faith higher and make it a goal to look around and enjoy at least three things a day. Write them down for us here or on face book. We miss you much already. Send true address.

Julie M said...

Jami you're here! When does school start for Travis? Has it already? What do you need? Can I do anything for you? Let me know if I need to take the train to Philly to help you in anyway. We just got back here on Saturday and I'm try to adjust to life again too. Let me know.

Jami said...

I will love you forever for telling me to get a GPS. Not only did it save my life, but it saved my marriage and solidified afriendship :) Ok that may sound dramatic, but I'm completely sincere. You know what I mean (and Eric, Mr. Maryland does too).
Trav's school starts on the 25th. I'm trying frantically to find a job and hopefully something will work out (by a miracle). I think right now I just need to be brave. You've already helped me with that by suggesting the GPS, so THANKS again.
Is it strange being back? Does this place ever feel like home?
Take care, Julie. Hope to see you soon!

Sky said...

What's a GPS, Julie? I want one. How far are you from Jami?
By the way, I found a low-residency MA program for you last night. E-mail me, so I can send you the link.