Attention Recently Not-Pregnant Persons

Dear Leanna and other "baby-havers,"

Sister Morgan recommended to me that I ask you if you recommend the Baby Doctor, Dr. Crouch. My oldest brother Danny and his wife Naomi might be moving to Rexburg in order for him to go back to school. Naomi is currently pregnant with her fourth that is due late April or early May, they are trying to be here by Winter Semester. Each pregnancy has had a few complications because they were so close together (their oldest turns three next month). In order for me to deliver a healthy proposition (pun intended), I want to help them find a good baby doctor, a place to live, and a place to work.

If anyone has some pros or cons to Dr. Crouch, or other recommendations, let me know. I really appreciate your help.

(Sister Morgan advised me to not use the term "baby-havers," but I simply couldn't resist).

Thanks again,


Leanna said...

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I went to Madison Women's Clinic where Dr. Crouch worked, and he actually retired. So unless he took a position somewhere else, then he's no longer an option. The two other doctors there are Dr. Allred and Dr. Barton. They are really nice, and I'm sure they're both great at delivering babies, but I actually had Dr. Lovell from the Targhee Clinic deliver my baby because it was the weekend and he was the one on call. I really liked him, and I think he did a great job. He's had over 25 years of experience; he was very kind; he was thorough; and all in all, I felt like I was well taken care of and in good hands with him. Like I said, though, I'm sure both Dr. Allred and Dr. Barton would have done just fine if given the chance. Dr. Allred doesn't have as much experience, but he's very personable and people friendly. Dr. Barton has more experience, but he is also a Navy man, so he's very precise and to-the-point.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts, but maybe some of the other "baby-havers" have different opinions to share?

Em & Ev said...

Dr. Lovell delivered my baby in June, and he does a great job. He does have a lot of experience. I'd also recommend Dr. Meredith (he works in the same office as Dr. Lovell). Dr. Meredith explains things really clearly, and he's easy to talk to if you have a lot of questions. Two of my sister-in-laws went to that office (Targhee Women's Clinic) and had good experiences also. I didn't like Madison Women's Clinic as much when I went there, but I know some people that like it there, and I'm sure they'd do a good job too.

Eric James said...

Thank you for all of your input. It is quite useful.