A few pics of Opening Social


Emily Goodsell said...

I love it. And I miss it.

Jami said...

Amen, EmPo. I found myself trying to figure out what everyone was eating. Why? The little things seem more important than other things sometimes. Okay, that's vague and abstract but I don't care.

Meghan, your hair is getting so long. Someone tell her that because she never checks this blog. Also tell her that I have the URL to her blog linked to mine if she forgot it (that way she can update it :). It's wonderful to see Kylie and Danny and Jenny and everyone else (it's just been especially long since I've seen those guys).

Hello, new people. It's nice to meet you. I'm Jami and you're so lucky to be working at the Writing Center.

I miss you guys.

Sarachel said...

I miss it, too. I'm glad Sis. Morgan posts pictures.

Crystal said...


Notice how the people who weren't there seem the most interested in the photos?

Sky said...

Hey, you're right, Crystal. Can I hire you all back again. Puleeese.
Come back. Come back.

Shani said...

I'm definitely one of those "wish I were there" people! And Jami, I had the same thought about Meghan's hair.

I look at these pictures and remind myself that I'll be back in just a couple of months. It's funny, I only got to work at the Writing Center for one semester before getting married and running away to China, but I get as homesick for all of you as I do for my biological family. I'll be very happy to see as many of you as I can come January.