Hazel Lynn Howard

I stole this directly from their blog because I'm sure they're pretty busy at this point:
Well everyone, little Hazel Lynn Howard has arrived! She made her entrance at 3:18am on Saturday, September 13 (her due date, too, of all days!). She's 8 lbs 3 oz, 19 and 1/2 inches long, and she looks Chinese. Okay she doesn't look quite as Chinese as she did when she was first delivered, but you'll see what we mean when you see the pictures.
Mom did just fine during delivery. She ended up going natural because she was 8cm dilated already when they got to the hospital, so she figured if she had made it to an 8 without much pain she could make it through the rest without an epidural. Lance did a great job coaching her through, and she was very proud of him for not passing out during delivery and actually cutting the cord as well. =D

See the link to the side for more pictures. Leanna was in awe of her mother who had delivered naturally (not by choice; she was in a Navel hospital, who didn't give pain medications for deliveries). Then, Leanna gave birth naturally to a pretty big babe. What an experience. CONGRATULATIONS LEANNA AND LANCE! All these babies. What miracles.


Julie M said...

Yay yay! Congratulations Leanna. She is the sweetest little American/Chinese baby I ever saw. I'm so happy for you. And more, so impressed you went natural. Congrats!

Emily Poteet said...

I second Julie's "Yay!" Congrats--you're a mom. I'm sure you're thrilled she's finally here. Wish we lived closer so we could meet her in person, but pictures are still good.