I saw Jami in the DC temple on Saturday. It was completely random and unexpected. But so beautiful. We didn't have much time to talk. But when we saw each other it was like it would be in the celestial kingdom when we all see each other again. We both started to cry with happiness. To see a face that I trust and just feel like someone knows me--and understands me. I am so grateful. For the writing center, for my friends, and for a Heavenly Father who made that happen. I know that sounds cliche, but I have no other words. Sometimes a person really is just grateful. I needed to see someone who understood me--who knew what was going on with me and wasn't repulsed by it. I needed to feel that, for just a second. I think that that is exactly what heaven will be like. All of us laughing and laughing because there is just no other way to express the happiness of us being together again. Thanks Jami.


Leanna said...

Holy wow. Sorry about that, but wow, I am just speechless. That is most definitely beyond coincidence. Just another thing to testify that our Heavenly Father is very much aware of us as individuals much more than we sometimes realize.

Sky said...

How beautiful. Thank YOU for posting it. A glimpse into the future for me. (Needed that today.)

Jami said...

When we were driving home, Travis just said, "I knew you would start crying when you saw Julie." From the time I saw the temple spires to when I hugged Julie, I felt overwhelmed with the spirit and with the love that only comes in the temple. Thanks, Julie, for again writing those difficult-to-write emotions. It certainly makes heaven feel closer to have moments like that. And it makes home feel more attainable.

And Leanna, I keep checking this blog and your blog for news! Are you alright? No baby yet? I'll bet you're very ready to have her out of you. :) I don't know when to start praying for you (labor), so I'll start now. My heart's with you.