I'm Blaming Dan

I just wanted to clear my good name. The creeper is not me.

(Google Alerts, fortunately, notified me of S.M.'s post.)

Incidentally, it seems that all these posts are anonymous. What's up with that? Why doesn't it show who's posting?

I love your blog. My hat's off to you, Sister Morgan, for inspiring us all. May we be forever in your debt.

And while I'm here, I'll leave you with a thought (a recent post in my journal), about frustrations at my job:

Perfect Software | 10 Dec 2008

At Zensoft, our software is a near-perfect example of what not to do in usability. There are a few bits that make sense, but, other than that, it's perfect.

—Travis W. (yes, an em dash)


Julie M said...

It's about blasted time you got on this blog, Travis Washburn. We've missed you. Stick around, you might grow addicted to this blog like the rest of us. How are you? Where are you working? How was Chile and your traveling life?
And yes, I blame Dan too.

Dan said...

I don't think we should blame Dan.

Good luck on the GRE tomorrow, Travis.

Ky ky said...

Oh I get it, Travis was clearing his name... I see. By the way Travis, I'm Kylie. I don't think we've ever worked together so I thought I might introduce myself.

Dan said...

Yeah, I'm taking the GRE tomorrow too. I'm super nervous. I'm also going to have to get up at 4:00 a.m.

Sky said...

Good luck Dan and Trav! Breathe deeply.

Anonymous said...

I always like to blame Dan. It seems right somehow.

How did the respective GRE tests go?

Julie M said...

Good luck to you both, as well. I hate the GRE and ETS with an undying passion, but oh well.