Is anyone seeing these pictures as I try to introduce all of you? Scroll down. Many intros.

OK, Top two pics and last one are of another girl-I-miss, caretaker, partner in crime, best friend Jami, who had the nerve to go see MaMaMia! in New York last week without me. By the way, Jami--our sexist language expert--what are they going to do about "freshmen"? And I have a New York hat, but what are hooker boots? I want some.
Eric is the only guy in this bunch--lucky man.

And Katie meet Shannon (Shani), who I hope is going to be working with you this semester. Sorry I yelled at you over church post, Shannon. I have felt as you did. When we moved from back east to Provo, a girl across the street was playing "Come, Come ye Saints" on the piano. I sat on the porch and listened and never wanted her to stop. I felt very safe. But, that particular post was touchy; we were all trying to be very respectful of each other's truthful feelings (which is this blog always, I hope), and your post was pretty overwhelming. Julie's post was nicely "audience-related."Glad you're back. Coming to work? I hope? Send your schedule e-mail to Matt esq. Did you bring us back presents from China? You'll love talking to Chan.

Katie, I forgot. Steph doesn't come on here, but you can reach her through facebook. I hope you send her your comments.


Crystal said...

Sis. Morgan, I still don't know what a New York hat is, but I do have hooker boots - they're high-heeled boots that go up to your knees (or higher).

And I've been enjoying everyone's pictures.
But what happened to the slide show? You should make one with a theme song for each person.

Sky said...

Oh, like as in "Hooker"; now I get it. I have some of those, but I cut off the heels and use them for playing in snow. I'm wearing a NYC hat on my other blog under pics from New York. But, I'd love to see a picture of Jami in hers.

Tell me how to post a slide show with music. I'd love to do that. Can I do it on Movie Maker then post? Picassa always screws up the music.

Crystal said...

Oo, I very much like the hat.

You mean I actually have to know how to do it? All right, give me a minute to research.

Oh, and according to the FAQ on Picasa, it won't play mp3 files on slideshows because of licensing concerns. However, they hope to get around that in a future release.

Crystal said...

Okay, I just made a quick slide show using Movie Maker with pictures and songs, and posted it on my blog. And it worked.


I expect a slide show now, with an incredibly cool theme song for me, thank you.

(If your slide show is longer than a minute or two, I suggest finding something else to do while it uploads onto the blog, because it takes forever.)

Katie said...

Oh, I don't have facebook. I'll find some way to let her know.

Shani said...

I'm sorry if my comment on the church post seemed disrespectful; it was not meant to be so. I read every comment on there, and then posted my own truthful feelings. I'm sorry if they were less acceptable than the others. They were no less personal, and not meant to be hurtful. When I talked at the end about how I didn't think most of you could understand how I felt, I was not accusing, merely trying to emphasize the fact that the feelings I had just discussed had come from experience which not many have shared, therefore I did not expect everyone to feel the same as I.

I'll be there this semester. I'll send Matt my schedule as soon as I get a chance. And yes, I brought you a really cool present. :-)

Sky said...

Katie, you USED to have Facebook. What happened? Or, have we been sending messages to the wrong Katie; oh, how embarrassing.

Shan, your comments were not offensive; they were just somewhat overwhelming, since most of the posters on that sight HAVE experienced what you have--foreign missions, foreign countries, wilderness areas, etc. Now, stop taking offense, you continent-hopper. Send schedule soooon. Matt is trying to finish by Christmas, so he can send to Kaitlin (new K. not older K.)

Matt, I have not hired the new people yet, and ? . . .

Confession--I did NOT know that Enya was a woman. I did NOT know that Elder Faust held a law degree. Until today.

Eric James said...

Sister Morgan, is that the best picture you have of me? It looks like I have ores growing out of my head.

Katie said...

Yes, I previously owned a facebook account, but deleted it because I was too distracted; it resulted in late nights and unfinished homework. I'll have one again when I come back from my mission.

And Shannon, I had Br. Babcock's British Literature class with you a few semesters ago. Stephanie might have been in that class too. I was quiet, though, so not easy to remember.

Crystal said...

Actually Eric, it's more like you have oar antlers.