Laughing at my own joke

Hey guys (which includes girls too, naturally)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw something today and wanted to let you in on it!!! I thought it was incredibly applicable considering what Sister Morgan always tells us!! Here it is!!

"Cut out all the exclamation points. An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke." --F. Scott Fitzgerald

Okay, sorry for my lame joke. That's what happens when you spend a day with a bunch of teenagers. I must say, though, it's kind of fun to look at them moan in anguish at an assignment I give them. Today I mimicked one kid and said, "Oh, it's horrible, isn't it? Learning at school. Go figure." I may get fired before I'm even hired.

To the rest of you student teachers and teacher-teachers (EMPO, OUR BRIGHT SHINING STAR OF HOPE), I'm glad to not be alone in this :) Any suggestions? I'm teaching Macbeth and Les Miserables and Grammar and a Shakespeare course.

Oh yeah, Sister Morgan, now would be a wonderful time to have my jump drive with all of your brilliant Writing Center powerpoints and writing prompts on it. But don't worry about it. Seriously. Even though it's my birthday this week and I'm a million miles away from you. It's no problem. :) Sorry--just a little more teenage sarcasm for you.

Miss you all.


Matthew R. Hall, Esq. said...

Jami, this made me LOL. Your story made me more excited to teach.

meghan & jason said...

It shouldn't be too hard for someone at the WC to get you a flash drive of all that stuff. I organized all (well, most of them) before I left, so it's just moving a couple folders instead of a million. I'm sure whoever is in charge of that stuff now would do that for you....This is really hard for me to write because I can't just do it myself. :(

Julie M said...

Wow Jami, I never knew you had that much sarcasm in you. That was quite impressive. I loved it. I know you are doing great teaching, even though it is so stinking hard. It was really good to see you on Saturday. Sorry I didn't stay to talk longer. I always feel self-conscious talking to loudly there. But I wanted you to know that I was very glad to see you. I always seem to see you at just the right times. Thanks!

Sky said...

Send me your address again. One more time.

Eric James said...

Uh-oh... I love exclamation points. And I laugh at my own jokes. I think I may be doomed!!!

(At least that's what the duck said to the bear. Hahahahahaha, oh man).

Sky said...

Uhhh? "The duck said to the bear"? Whaaaat. I don't get it.

Eric James said...

Neither do I.

googler said...


Anonymous said...

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