A Nice Talk

I had a nice talk with Sister Morgan this weekend--one of those talks where you can't remember too much of what you talked about afterwards, but you feel refreshed. We talked of Kristen and Kirsten and Julie and Danny--it's like we all started out in this circle at the Writing Center then set our faces away from school and moved the circle outward going our own ways; soon we won't be able to see each other any more because we'll be too far apart. But I talked to Meagan and Chandler too--he looks too skinny, so donate more to the pizza fund, all you current assistants, and give that man some food!
Anyway, speaking of giving, here is what I learned at the conference I went to at BYU-I, or at least the one line I will remember when I've forgotten everything else. Marion Romney said, "How can we give if there is nothing there?" Sitting here now in Writing Center mode, I think of Leanna and Dan and well, mostly myself, stuck with too many emotions that I can't find essays for but finding that this line covers many of them.


Julie M said...

I miss you so much Anona. I miss all of you. Some day I want there to be one gigantic WC reunion where we all sit out in Sis. Morgan's backyard. We'll talk, read, sing, eat, and talk some more. Rhett, Tanner, and Travis will be there to play their guitars and we'll sing along. Greg and Steve will take the canoe out on a journey and bring Sis. Morgan back yet another piece of driftwood for her backyard. Chandler will be chasing snakes. Chris will be teaching Ty Kwon Do (sp). James and Jaron will be talking about their graduate schools. Shalese and Millie will be busying themselves in the kitchen, only to eventually collapse on the porch swing in the backyard. Leanna and Kristen will be talking to Sis. Morgan about a session or a class or something. Crystal will be sitting in a tree, with her legs swinging down. And me? I'll be burning the hamburgers on the grill.

(Sorry that I didn't include all of you in that image. But you were all there, I promise. Even the ones I don't know.)

Chan said...

Anona, it was good to see you. I'm skinnier because I'm trying to be frugal. I'm 25; I figured it was about time to figure that trick out.

I first read that line by Romney back on my mission, and I have, likewise, remembered it ever since. I think it stuck with me so much because at the time I was this really new missionary who felt like he was trying to dole out salvation from empty...whatevers. Coffers? Reserves? Anyhow, it was good to see, nice to hear you on here.

Sarachel said...

Anona, I miss you, too. I think Julie's idea is grand. A big reunion with everyone there. I look forward to the day.

meghan & jason said...

Count me in on the reunion! Let's have it on a night where we can wrap up in blankets and star gaze long into the night. Sometimes I forget I have any friends besides my husband, but then I remember all of you. No matter how big our circle gets, Sister Morgan is at the center of it--like a gravitational pull toward writing, honesty, and brotherhood (and sisterhood, Jami). I feel connected to people I've never even met.