What a wonderful World - Eva Cassidy and Katie Melua

It's a good day. Snow banks are crumbling into the river, and the Golden Eye ducks ride the waves. A stray cat climbs onto the porch, and the wind is blowing the air clean, clean , clean.


Emily Goodsell said...

Thanks for posting this, Sis. Morgan. I think I've become a little cynical in the last little while with the economy the way it is. 10% of people in Vegas don't have jobs. The crime is going up. My students' siblings have been shot because of gangs and crime lately, and it becomes hard to "think to myself, what a wonderful world." But then I see this, and I remember that the world was created for us, for our pleasure, and suddenly, I'm feeling peace again. Thanks.

P.S. I'm so excited that my sis, Jo, gets to work at the WC.

Crystal said...

Love this song. Love this version. I can't wait till it's warm enough to take naps out in the sun.

Kaitlin said...

I love this, Sis. Morgan. This video reminded me just how much I miss the sunshine.
Crystal, I don't know you, but I must agree with your opinion on naps in the sun. While I was home this past summer, I went to the student branch, which met in the morning, and my family went to the family ward, which met in the afternoon. So when I got home from church every sunday, I would be home alone. I always walked out to the swingset and laid on the warm sand and fell asleep. Waking up was not so pretty; I was sweaty and caked with sand, but the falling asleep part was always so nice.
Anyway, wow, that was a random thought. In gist: I love summer. And I miss it.

iBo said...

I like the Haiku-like post Sister Morgan.

We saw the domesticated ducks at the pond here in town the other day, and they were all standing in a crowd facing three ducks that were a few feet away from them.

Stake conference of the BYU-Idaho stake of Zion.

meghan & jason said...

I started that video and thought I'd watch a picture or two and then multi-task while listening to the rest. The pictures drew me in, though. I leaned against the back of my couch watching, realizing that each picture reminded me of something in my life. I have a horrible memory, and I think it's wonderful that those pictures took me back so immediately to moments I've spent in nature. By the end of the song I'd fallen asleep. It was all very relaxing. :)