I love the WC blog. It’s how I wish my blog was, but it isn’t. Have you ever noticed how much blogs and high school class reunions have in common? (I’ve never been to a high school class reunion: I’ve just heard stories.)

Everyone says that the 10-year class reunion is the very worst. Everyone comes back, and while puffing their chests and lifting their noses, they reveal their successes over the last 10 years. I picture each person talking about himself in the best possible light—and then embellishing. The stories are a little too great. The personal successes a little too incredible. Not everyone can be a self-made millionaire in 10 years, right?

Sometimes that’s how blogs seem. The stories are a little too great. The family circumstances are a little too perfect. It reminds me of my old journals—the ones where I never had a bad day because if I did, people would know I wasn’t perfect. That’s how blogs are. Most blogs, anyway. And I’m afraid mine is the same way. But I can’t write what I really feel because people don’t want to see that. I have to be aware of my audience, right? But I’m a little too aware. Most people are a little too aware. And so I try not to say much of anything. I just post pictures and provide few words. And then I wonder why I have a blog.

I’m glad this blog exists because it’s real, and on this blog, I can be real, too.

P.S. School’s out for summer!


Eric James said...

You know, I think everyone's blog should be like the Writing Center blog. The world needs a little bit of reality. I browse the blogs of people I know and just wonder how they really feel. I decided awhile ago that my blog would be as close to the Writing Center as possible by posting blood essays. I probably don't put nearly as much time into the essays as I do with a WC one, but they are exposing.

If people read my blog, people will see me for who I am. Whether or not they accept that... that is in their hands.

Sarachel said...

I try to do the same thing as Eric. Greanted, I post frivolities because I figure people expect it, but mostly I try to post things that are real. Things that are me.

Julie M said...

I haven't read your blog, Eric, but I'm sure it is worthwhile. And I think you do a great job Sara. I check yours often because it will really tell me how you are. How you are actually doing, thinking, feeling, breathing.
I feel the same about this blog, EmPo. I agree with you completely. Keep posting.

Sky said...

EmPo. Sooo, my good friend, what generated these thoughts that this is a safe and honest place to write? What say ye? I'm curious about what was vibrating in your mind--almost zipping and zinging--underneath this post.