I was going through my old WC journal, and I found this quotation I scribbled down during seminar a few years back. I do believe she was referring to when we take over a session and bulldoze the patron. I could be wrong.

Sis. Morgan: I can't do anything to stop you. I wish I could put in a lever that would drop you straight to hell, but I can't.

I love you Sis. Morgan.


Emily Goodsell said...

I love it. I'm glad you saved that, Julie. And I also love you, Sis. Morgan.

Britt said...

It's funny; I wasn't around when Julie worked at the writing center, but I do remember my first WC party, when Sister Morgan said that if we weren't going to be honest the floor would open and we'd drop straight to hell.
I can also remember two other times when she threatened me with the falling to hell thing. I think she just really likes that image.

Sky said...

Ha. It's not that I like the image so much, it's that I truly think some of us SHOULD drop into hell (as long as we could repent and climb out later). It'd be such a surprise and teach us a shocking lesson we usually learn way too late. Plus,I believe that if the Lord had a drop system, it would be for dishonesty--especially for the lies we tell ourselves. Those are the complicated ones. Sliding into brimstone would be a faster, easier way to get clean and clear headed again and much more exciting. Don't you think so?

But, dang, darn, dippiest-crap. Going to hell is a slow journey. No adrenaline. We go an inch (or word or thought) at a time. I just think it'd be nice if it were much more dramatic, ya know? Instead of numb, quiet, cow-like oblivion to our self deception and unkindnesses, we could have tongues of fire, screaming, and slimy crooked fingers reaching up to pull us down, prying our fingers loose from clutching each other for safety. Really.

(And, hey, I know of a 100 times when I've held tight to some of you, which kept me from sliding downhill into slime. So there. That's why I love you.)