Writing Center Alumni

This is post number 400 of the blog.

I thought I would share that little tidbit with you all.

I've been looking for housing for a while. There are places I liked, places I didn't like, but nothing has really felt right--certainly nothing like the Abode House, Chandler, Dan, Nathan, Eric, Oliver, and Skyler--until today.

I drove to the Rentmaster office late in the afternoon to apply for an apartment. Walking in a large man smiled at me, taking pleasure in noting that he was standing this time instead of sitting like the last time I was in the office. He asked for my name.
"Ivor Lee."
"You work at the Writing Center," a lady said from the back.
"Yeah. I did. How did you know?"
"I used to work there too. I'm friends with Sharon Morgan on Facebook, and I see your crazy pictures all the time."

Small world? I guess so.

The paperwork was supposed to take 24-48 hours to process for credit approval and all that business. Five minutes after I walked out of the office,two minutes after I passed the golf course I got a call from the same lady.

"You've been approved."
"Wow, that was fast."
"Yeah, I know. But since you know Sister Morgan, I figured you were probably a good person. We Writing Center people have to watch out for one another."


Chan said...

That sounds like providence. You'll be happy to know that I'm working on believing in providence and non-random coincidences lately. Who was the WC alumni?

Love the pic.

Karli said...

I am still waiting for providence. I got accepted for an internship in NYC, but it's unpaid and you have to provide your own room and board. I don't think that is going to happen. Know anybody who use to work for the WC in SLC who would be willing to give me a job?

Gammar Nazi said...

Used to work.

Sky said...

Ivor, you cannot possibly know how much I needed this post. I feel like my life has been like Julie's spider web--sucked in rather than giving outward--but thinking that the Center had a hand in bonding a few people together makes me feel better. (Or maybe you all bonded by yourselves just from being involved in serving together? Who knows?) Did you catch this alumni's name? Hope you found a good place to live. And thanks again.

Sky said...

Who the he-- is the Grammar Nazi? I don't mind someone responding to form instead of content (it's sometimes very helpful), but how about changing your offensive name to "Grammar Helper"? huh? huh?

Leanna said...

Sis. Morgan, how about we not focus on the word choice but the spelling of "grammar" instead. haha Oh, the irony.

Sky said...

Maybe he/she really means "Gamer," or "Grand Ma Mere," or just "merd"? Naaaaw.

Julie M said...

I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out Leanna. That is really funny.

I really liked this too. These things don't just happen. They are purposeful and mindful act is our lives. Thank you WC and thank you Sis. Morgan for making it such a special place.

Chan said...

My vote is "merd." The "merd" and "Nazi" kind of go together, don't they, Sis. Morgan?

Sky said...

Definitely. "Merd" works on so many lovely levels.
And, Julie, Leanna's so perceptive. I didn't notice the spelling error until she pointed it out either.

Emily Goodsell said...

I didn't realize the spelling error even after she pointed it out. I just kept looking. Don't worry though: after a long, hard search, I found it. (phew.)