First Day of School

My first day teaching 10th grade is tomorrow. Sister Morgan, every time I look at my bulletin board, you'll give me strength. Thanks. You probably have no idea how grateful so many people are for you and your influence. I pray often for gratitude that I had the Writing Center cocoon in my life. Miss you.


Sky said...

hAHAHAha I've never been quoted on a real laminated sign before. You'll be great. They'll love you. Remember, they don't know you don't have everything under perfect control. You-are-teacher. They-are-students. Keep that mantra running through your mind. Good luck to you on this big day.

Leanna said...

Sis. Morgan, of all people, your words definitely deserve to be laminated on the wall (as long as they're not hung crooked =D).

Jami, your room looks great. Keep up with those updates! I'm sure we'd all love to hear about your adventures.

Jami said...

And, I would add to Leanna's stipulation, that the quotes cannot be in horribly bright colors either. Notice that I colored it blue. I picked up the orange and chuckled before putting it back :)

Thank you for the encouragement. So far, I love teaching. (The first few days were rough, but it's getting better each day.)