Letter from Skyler

I like this e-mail. He's right; I'm posting it. Ta Dah . . .
Sis. Morgan,
Hey there. I just wanted to say hi and check how everything was going. I miss Rexburg. It's a little lonely here, but I'm pretty sure this is where I need to be. I actually listened to some of your advice, and I prayed about about where I should be. Ever since then, I just feel right about coming back in January. I like the fact that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.
How's the WC? Have you had the first party yet? My mom and I might visit at the end of this month. If you haven't had the party yet--and you can wait that long--I'd love to be able to go. If not, I totally understand. How are the new people? No one you want to kill... hopefully? I miss it a lot.
You know, I had a weird thought yesterday. One of my best friends left for his mission today, and, as I was saying goodbye's and all that, I realized I had known him for almost ten years. I realized how many memories he and I had shared, and how close we had grown together. It's like we are family. It was a weird, almost unsettling, realization. And I say unsettling when, really, I mean surprising. The reason why I'm telling you all this is because, for some strange reason, I think of the WC as a part of my family too. I think it's pretty obvious how close we are, but I think we forget that sometimes when we have rough spots--like with Matt last semester. I mean, if we actually looked at it like a family (which we should because that's what it is), then we would have realized that with sixteen kids (sometimes seventeen, for the times you're included) who spend an unnatural amount of time together, there are going to be some problems. That's just logic; we're not the Brady Bunch, or the Partridge Family, or even the Osmond's. We're us--and we make it work.

Take care and all that. Don't spend too much time stressing over little things--that's very unzen-like.



Aly said...

I miss Skyler! (with a very deliberate exclamation point)

It's so nice to know that I do have a family away from home. And I hope, despite my terrible long-distance communication skills, I can be a part of it even after I graduate and move on. I love you guys.

Sky said...

Aly, ask the others who post on here who have "moved on." You never quite leave us behind. That's the great part. You always take us with you. I'm so thankful for these ties also.

Skyler said...

Hey, can I get my named spelled right? I know it's probably no a huge deal, But it's important to me.

Sky said...

Yep. Sure. Sorry. No problem. OK.

Sarachel said...

Sis. Morgan's right--we never say goodbye. So really it's a family with 40+ kids (or however many have worked at the Center through the years).

You all with have to deal with me for eternity, because that's the kind of friendship we have. Even those I haven't met, we have a sort of kinship.