Pictures from Provo

Bridal Veil Falls

A tribute to those who couldn't come to the party

These are life size statues. That's how much I care about you. If these pictures make them seem smaller, it must be a trick of the light. weird.

This is Anonymous. He/she is holding a gun as if to say, "Don't come any closer--you might find out who I am."

The others wanted to try some voo doo on these statues, but don't worry. I wouldn't let them.

Anona and her daughter Sammy (Samantha)
Jaime Sorensen and fiance Mike

 candids from here on out...


These are also on Facebook, if you'd rather look there.


Emily Goodsell said...

I love these! Thanks for letting us feel like we were there. And I like that I'm Sis Morgan's right-hand army girl.

Looks like the party was a success. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Chan said...

The party was great. Sara always thinks of an take care of about a hundred different details that would have completely slipped my mind were I in charge.

And those life-size statues were impressive. It wasn't quite the same as having you guys there, but the fact that you were all holding guns eased the pain considerably. Cause let's face it, if you all really had come, you wouldn't have brought firearms (except, maybe, for Sis. Morgan).

Sky said...

Hey, I'd leave the machine gun home and bring only my 22 pistol (as soon as Ivor finds the key to unlock it) to shoot snakes and protect you all from wood goblins and swine flu.
It's so good to see Jamie and Travis. And Anona is all grown up with a beautiful BABY. Time moves on and on.

Aly said...

Heyyyy, I know that guy Mike.