Provo WC Party--Round 2

The next Provo WC Party will be on November 14th at 1pm at my place, 454 South 300 East in Provo. Everyone is welcome to come. I'm thinking I'll make soup and breadsticks/rolls for this one. Chris is bringing some "flippin' tasty desserts." (If that doesn't persuade you to come, I don't know what will.)

Hope to see you there.

PS if anyone needs somewhere to go for Thanksgiving, feel free to come on down to Provo. My cousin is hosting this year, and she happens to live right above me. Ladies can stay in my apartment, and I'll find accommodations for any men.


Sarachel said...

PS if anyone has food allergies/foods you just plain don't like, please let me know. I'll try to avoid those.

Sky said...

Would that be "Chris" as in Chris Mower? Wow. I'm impressed. We may have to bring the whole Center down to Provo for this party.

Sarachel said...

You guessed it, Chris Mower. I believe he's bringing his wife and little girls, too.