Six words? Julie, the Abode House is Over.

Julie, the literal Abode House is over. It was a duplex, with a gross, germ-ridden microwave, several bedrooms, a tiny living room with 12 couches around a TV loaded with vid. games. It's where Skyler moved in with Chan, Ivor, Eric, Dan, Oliver, and Nate. Almost all inhabitants worked or hung out at the W.C. and were uniquely . . . weird. When they moved (left, graduated, etc.), they buried a time capsule in the backyard. Ivor's father took pictures. The Abode House now lives on only in their close friendships, so when Skyler is waxing nostalgic he refers to it in his posts (and leaves the rest of us out). Sigh.
Now, back to the six words--only let's move it up a notch into imagistic Haiku. (5,7,5) Working with Haiku makes new brain waves. (Or, stick to six words, if you're brain is tired but still needs contact with us.)

The last yellow leaf--
I'm not ready for winter.
River chunks with ice.

Six words? Ivor is getting old. Happy Birthday!


Chan said...

Sis. Morgan, thanks for answering Julie's question. I haven't checked the blog in a few days.

My favorite part of your description is the "12 couches." Strictly speaking we had 2, but 12 feels more correct.

White defines hollows
and edges on the Wasatch.
Dusk whittles my days.

Sky said...

"Dusk whittles my days"; Yummm. I love that.

Matthew R. Hall, Esq. said...

Older than Ivor.
How should I feel when Asians
Age more gracefully?