I work for idiots.

I often read over memos and notes written by my immediate supervisor. Today I came across the phrase "I all so incourage him to see a dr." It took me a little while to figure out she meant "I also encouraged him to see a doctor."

Other mistakes she makes frequently: sense instead of since and tell instead of till or until.

Do you think I could get fired for making a running list of her errors? I hope not, since I've already dedicated a post-it pad inside my desk to just such a list.


Matthew R. Hall, Esq. said...

I'd write the list with your left hand. Then your handwriting can't be detected. Then, when you're having a bad day and want to bring someone down with you, title your list, "Idiot mistakes that (employee) does all the time. If found, return to (boss's) desk." Leave your list on the floor in the reception area or maybe by the newish employee who's not quite loyal yet. Then watch.

Actually, do nothing I just suggested. That'd be evil.

Sara said...

Thanks, Matt. It might be evil, but at least thinking about it gives me a laugh. Especially on days like today, when clients call me to tell me I'm rude and uneducated. She has a bachelors degree, after all, she shouldn't have to deal with ninnies like me.