“Only Brazil worms, only Brazil worms, only Brazil worms!”

This is a line from an essay written by Amy Leach. Karli recommends her. I read a recent interview and want to post some of her quotations.

About her--"On October 27th, Chicagoan Amy Leach, Instructor at Northwestern University, author and musician, won the 2010 Whiting Writer's Award.
This prestigious $50,000 award recognizes ten young writers for their extraordinary talent and promise and is one of the most coveted prizes for new writers. Awarded annually since 1985, past recipients include Michael Cunningham, Kim Edwards, Tobias Wolff, Jeffrey Eugenides, and Mary Karr – all have since become acclaimed, bestselling authors."

Good Quotations--
"The best writing is when you're writing about something you love- it's not about sounding smart or anything. It's the language itself."

"When I write, I don't start with any kind of message really, or any meaning at all. I want to learn about and think new things, to feel new things. Every time, I'm learning about a new subject, making an imaginative effort."
"Writer's 'block'? I stop writing and read a lot, walk the dog, replenish." As a teacher of creative writing, a lot of time is spent on other's writing. "I like sharing ideas in the classroom." What does she tell her students about writing?"
No hesitation here; her answer:
 "I tell them to combine personal experience with truth."
"They've become wise in a way only they can be- by not just accepting someone's truth or way of thinking, good writers, in their writing, are thinking for themselves and coming to their own wisdom, coming to their own truth." James Baldwin and  Allen Ginsberg influenced my writing."

Good stuff.  Thanks Karli.


karli said...

Though, Tracie is the one that introduced me to the essay.

I like how she writes to learn something. I think that when I write a personal essay, I'm the one that learns the most about me as opposed to my reader. It's like when you give a talk, you learn the most as opposed to the congregation who are chowing on altoids just to stay awake.

Chan said...
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Chan said...

Whoops, had a typo, and you can't EDIT comments, apparently.

Awesome! (Sis. Morgan, texting and using e-mail and IM for work has erased my exclamation point discipline. Sorry!) My favorite line was, "People can walk right up to them and they don’t care, they’ve just crossed the ocean." For the first few paragraphs, I couldn't decide whether or not her voice annoyed, but by the end I decided I liked it.