A Feminist's Thoughts on Mormon Bloggers

I thought this article was interesting, especially after reading the "Mormon women are so oppressed" article from a few days ago. Apparently some people are fascinated with classic Mormon mommy-ness, whether they believe it or not.
I've been thinking of writing more on my personal blog, mainly to get myself writing and to feel that I'm doing something that extends beyond the walls of my home. I was therefore rather amused when reading this line from the post: "For young Mormon women, who face immense cultural pressure to stay home with children rather than pursue a career, blogging about their adventures in homemaking becomes a sort of creative outlet, a way of contributing to the larger world beyond the home."
Guess I'm normal, then? :-)


karli said...
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karli said...

Sorry . . . typo.

I have mixed feelings about the bloggernacles. While I’m glad that other women (such as this feminist) are realizing that perhaps housewife doesn’t equal oppressive through these blogs (shoot, who in their right mind would feel that being stuck in a business suit and in a cubicle all day is more fulfilling than looking at bugs and finger painting with a three year old?), I sometimes feel that it should be done in moderation. Like, I don’t want to be in the mindset of, “My eight-month just did something new! Quick! Grab the camera and blog about it.” I don’t like it because it feels like it’s not enough that my baby learned to crawl today, but that I need validation from the internet to make it real. For example, my cousin just posted this story about her four year old, Lily. She wanted to play house, and she set it up so that they were all in the same roles as real life. “You be the mom, Mom. Kaleigh will be the little baby, Dad can be the dad, and I’ll be the big sister.” My cousin, amused, asked what they all should do to fulfill their roles. “Well, I’ll play with Kaleigh, Dad can go to school, and you can write emails.” I just thought it was sad that her little girl thought that being a mom meant sitting in front of a computer all day. While blogging is a great way to get thoughts out and stretch and practice your writing skills, it’s like I said about moderation in all things. I would rather my little kid when asked what I should do to be a mommy say, “You get the color crayons out and we trace our feet and hands on this big piece of paper.” I would rather just live my life than constantly blog about how I am living life.

karli said...

Also, this is just my take on the whole mormon mommy blogger phenomenon. I enjoy reading what you write, Shannon. Your writing is always well thought out.

Shanni said...

Haha, thanks Karli--I don't know that my writing is always well thought out, but I generally proofread it at least. ;)
Also, I completely agree. I would like my kids to think I do things other than sit in front of a computer. Although, sometimes those perceptions just come accidentally. When we were little my mom homeschooled us and did lots of crafts, etc. One day she said that a friend was getting married, and my brother said, "Oh good, now they can play budget all the time, too!" We thought my mom just really liked that computer game... I'm interested to see what my kids think of me someday. :-)