Six word short storeis

"I don't like these. They're stupid." Sister Morgan

"There she goes. She started it." Skyler

"Soooo, you're an expert on Bieber."   SM

"I don't think I said anything."    Kirsten

"You don't need time to think."  Kirsten

"Say something else--Eric? Kirsten? Skyler?   SM

"This doesn't make any sense. Blaaaaah."  Eric

"I've graduated from going to Devotional."   Kirsten  (OOOOooo. This one is edgy.)

"Chan taught us a funny cardgame."   Skyler

"Noooooo, we'll fall in forever boredom."   SM

"Nope. You did it wrong. What?"   Skyler

"Like baby, baby, baby, baby, noo." Kiersten

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner."  Kirsten
"Sister Morgan, you're the coolest boss."  Skyler


Matthew R. Hall, Esq. said...

So are these from seminar, or did you just make them up, or have you been paying very close attention to how many words are in what anyone has ever said?

(Also--you sang Justin Bieber?)

Sky said...

Ha ha. Scene: my office just after noon. Skyler, Eric, Kirsten, and whoever else was dropping in. Mood? Silly, cynical, slightly hysterical. Eric wanted to do six word stories ala carte Josh Allen, which he thinks we did at one time on this blog. As we scuttled around each other's real thoughts and moods, I realized that six words is about what our thoughts are reduced to on those kinds of days. Know what I mean? We go as low as Justin Biebs with our ready quips and witticisms (by the way, that one was Kiersten's, and it was funny 'cause it named how bizarre we are in our distractions; she nailed it). I started counting words in the inane dialog that was floating around the office.
Or rather, "Basic normal insanity at the Center."