If I would like to read more posts I should probably right more posts...

At least one.

Being stagnant after university has pros and cons. A pro would be: not having to analyze literature, or read books I do not want to read, or not being able to wear flip flops. Cons would be: analyzing everything around me and not having a classroom of people to bounce theories between, not knowing what to read next so I end up not reading, or not wearing cute shoes because I finally have the opportunity to wear flip flops -- why not take advantage of that?

The last monthish I started to have Writing Center backlash and began to focus on tensions in my life. I've analyzed what makes me react to other people around me, is it their behavior? is it something about their behavior that reminds me of something wholly unrelated but that has left a lasting impression on my mind/heart/soul that I now cannot shake?

I don't know. But I feel as though I'm learning a lot about myself and feeling good about what I find and if a year of stagnation has caused it then that year has not been wasted.

Okay, so I wrote. Now it's your turn please.


Sky said...

Interesting post. Do you notice things about people you respect also? For example, I admire how kind and considerate you are, Sarajo, and yet you stay honest.
But, back to annoyances we all have concerning other people. I think they usually reflect more about us than we want to admit. Yet, I can't figure out why people who litter make me want to shoot them in the back of the head. Or why I think people who don't help clean up after a party are secret selfish users of drugs and users of people. Name some behavior that is catching your attention (besides loud overhead neighbors). I'm always curious in human behavior.

Sky said...

One thing that for sure bugs me is someone misspelling a good friend's name. (Sarajo instead of Sarahjo.) That's about as unforgivable as peeing in the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

SarahJo said...

Um... I tried to keep the post open so that it would include both positive associations and those that may annoy me.

It's difficult to go into more detail since most of the people I hang out with have strong ties into the Writing Center and I wouldn't want to feel I've offended anyone.

One instance, I was talking with my roommate, Jeff, and Matt about (generally) this topic, and I expressed how in conversation when a man would interrupt me I become more frustrated than if a woman would do so. I related that this could go back to my relationship with my brother. When I feel this way, my natural tendency is to clam up because I feel that the other person will not be open to trying to understand me.

That's one example. Does that make sense?

Sky said...

Loved your example. I'm always amazed at how strong my desire is to be "understood" also. But, instead of clamming up, which I should do, I over-talk at that point--usually hoping beyond hope that someone somewhere will LISTEN.
In watching myself react to people lately, I notice an aversion to (1) being controlled or manipulated & (2)someone assuming they know what I'm talking about before they even ask questions. My dad used to be a very strong personality, & I think my reactions have a lot to do with him. I had a dream once that I walked through a room where my mother was ironing and Dad was reading a newspaper. In the dream, they didn't have ears or eyes on their faces. And when I walked by a mirror in the dream, I didn't have a mouth. That sort of seemed symbolically sad to me.

SarahJo said...

That is an intense dream. My dreams lately have been about me yelling at my landlord for moving a girl in the apartment before I moved out. I can appreciate what you mean about being manipulated and other's assumptions.

chandra said...

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Sky said...

Chandra spam? What?

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