News from Kirstenland

Today my mom said I could only leave 2 boxes at home when I am gone. I balked at that; I have an entire closet and underneath our stairs full of boxes. How I am going to cram all of my belongings into 2 rather small boxes I have yet to figure out. The realization that I am definitely leaving hasn't sunk in yet. I thought it would when I got my flight plan in the mail; I thought it would when I sent in my deferment; I thought it would when people started trickling back to school. Nope. Instead I continue in my la-te-dahness. Oh well, September 26 will pounce on me soon enough. I got a letter from my mission president, and on the back it said to use the space below to tell about yourself, family, etc. "Tell about yourself" things are always boring and kind of awkward, so I decided to spice things up by doing a name acronym. Yes, the kind where you write your name vertically and insert adjectives horizontally that begin with the letter of your name. Ha I bet they've never gotten one of those before.

I've been teaching swim lessons at the Y (as in YMCA, not BYU) for the past couple of weeks. It's been really fun. One of my students gave me a picture she had colored. She addressed it "To: You!" Aw, cute. The chlorine has made every strand of hair on my body as lustrous as a stalk of dried wheat in the middle of February; thus, my arm hair has all broken off and is non-existent. It is so cool- I wish they would stay like this forever. Smoother than a newborn baby's skin they are. Sister Morgan, if you read this don't send me Anona's number; I got it from Kristen. Anona, if you read this check your voicemail.


Julie M said...

Oh Kirsten, this is what you do. You take your stuff, put them in card board boxes and label it things like "Halloween decorations" and "Fabric" and "Old Pots." That way your mom thinks that you have cleaned out your stuff and its her storage. Or something.

The YMCA sounds like it is a...good experience. I'm excited for your mission. Too bad you can't continue to keep us posted on the blog.

Kirsten said...

Julie, that is a brilliant idea, positively genius. Do you remember one day we were standing by the desk and talking about life? Well, I'm glad that it has worked out well for the both of us.