Two sides to any coin...

One thing I love about Pennsylvania:

There are trees everywhere. You can't look at any patch of ground without finding a tree growing out of it. Trees I've never seen before. Yesterday David and I went walking in a wildlife reserve just north of our apartment. It was a jungle forest. I kept expecting to see monkeys walking out onto the branches. Thick vines encase all the trees and tropical sounding birds cry out amidst the greenery. You can't take three steps without butterflies passing by your face, and you can't take five steps without at least two frogs leaping out from under your feet. It is beautiful.

One thing I hate about Pennsylvania:

THEY DO NOT PUT UP STREET SIGNS ANYWHERE!!!! Do you realize how hard it is to find your way anywhere out here when everyone just assumes that you know what street you are driving on, or that that next street is obviously the one you need, even though there's no bloody sign to let you know that yes, this is the street you are looking for. I've gotten lost so many times I've lost count.

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