Hate job

I hate my job. There are two good things about my job. 1) I get to drive a forklift. They can pick up heavy things and turn really sharp. 2) I get to see the sunrise out a big bay door near my area. I can't remember the last time I was awake early enough to see a sunrise; before beginning this job, that is. They used to have free popsicles, which would have made three things, but not anymore.

I get so angry at work lately. The past couple of weeks I've been training guys into my area so I could switch to a different one. But after training five guys who either quit or were fired (five!), I just stayed. They changed my area so it's much less efficient, meaning more work for me. I don't mind work, I like work. But I don't like having extra work piled on me by someone who doesn't acknowledge me at all. It's like I'm not a person in there. They just expect me--if they even consider that there is an I, a me doing their work--to do it, no questions asked. I feel helpless, and I hate, hate, hate feeling helpless. It makes me angry; plows me straight into the dirt.

On a lighter note...I currently have a beard. Congratulations on your engagement, Tyler. Coincidentally, the last time Southern California was burning to the ground (for years ago) I was serving my mission in Tyler's home ward.


Chris Mower said...

Ahoy Chandler mo mandler fee fi fo fandler,

I have a brother who used to drive a forklift for his job. If you hate your job so much, just wreck the forklift, maybe take out a few of the company's assets with it. That would get you fired. That's what he did.

I hear men with beards attract beautiful women. Never shave, ever.

And on another random note, how on earth does someone go around posting their own blogs on this site? I searched forever and can't find the link or button to press to post my own stuff. Guess I'll just keep looking.

Hello everybody. (Hmmm... now that I think about it, maybe I should have said that first.)

Chris Mower said...
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Sky said...

Chris, it's about time you showed up.https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount?sendvemail=true&followup=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.blogger.com%2Floginz%3Fd%3D%252Fhome&continue=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.blogger.com%2Floginz%3Fd%3D%252Fcreate-blog.g&service=blogger&naui=8&hl=en

And I loved your advice to Chandler. How much longer do you have to work there, Chan? It sounds like you work with more machines than just a forklift. We miss you.

E. Anona said...

Okay, about the beard. (I'm sure Kirsten and I have discussed this with you before.)

Don't grow too attached to it. (Ha ha.) Austin used to talk about how much he liked having a beard, and so I opposed him growing one because I didn't want him to like the beard better than me. Maybe that's just me.

Of course, once he grew a beard I got used to it/liked it. But when he shaved it off, it freaked me out because I didn't recognize him so avoided him for like, two days. (Which was some feat considering we were on our honeymoon.)

Chan said...

About the beard: I'm not worried about scaring away any women. All the women I interact with are either related to me, still in highschool, or 30 with kids. And I'm not on a honeymoon with any of them. I like my beard, but I'm not that attached. I'm just as handsome without it.

Chris, it's good to hear from you. The "New Post" button is in the upper right hand corner. I'd ask how you're doing, but I imagine you'll tell us now that you know how to post your own blog. Thanks for the advice. That would be a lot of fun, no doubt about it.

When I started the job, Sis. Morgan, I intended to stay until Dec. 22, but the way things are going I'll probably whittle a couple...months off that. I think my emotional health is very high maintenance.

Julie M said...

Whose emotional health isn't high maintenance, Chan? I'd like to meet them, I think we would have a really interesting conversation. I'm sorry you hate your job. But guess what, SO DO I!!!! We can be job hating pals. I work at a bookstore. I know, you are all thinking, "how can you hate that?" But I work at a college bookstore, where the customers consist of disgruntled students who have to pay too much for their textbooks, ditsy college freshman girls who wear shorts that look more like underwear and whose IQ is threatened by that of a molding potato, and Penn State football freaks that bring a whole new meaning to the term "super-fan." But that's okay. We can both try and hold out. I am quitting my job Dec. 4. Try quitting your job with that perspective in mind. Dec. 4 is a lot closer than Dec. 22.

By the by, Hi Chris!!! How are you? I enjoyed your email the other day. I'm glad you found the blog and even more that you are posting.

Chrisbob said...


Sorry pal, but I'm not seeing the "New Post" button/link. How do I become an official member of this blog? The only action I can do is add replies to other people's posts. I've already created a blog account. Ayudame.