Trick or Treat?

So people in Pennsylvania are weird. I know I've said this before, but really, they are bizarre. You have this holiday called "Halloween," right? The one where all the children dress up as monsters, princesses, and the latest super-hero movie star and then go and raid people's homes for candy. That day, as far as I have ever known it, is on October 31. Always. Halloween is October 31. Not a hard concept. But here , oh no, here they decided to have Halloween the Thursday before October 31. Always. And the things is, no one knows why we are having the holiday up to a week early. We just are. So today, the Thursday before Halloween, we celebrated Halloween.

So it's a week early. Okay. Fine. I'm still excited about this because this year I will actually get trick-or-treaters. I mean, in Rexburg, no kids comes to the apartment complexes. So I went to Wal-mart and bought 15 dollars worth of candy. (The paranoid person within me was afraid I would run out). I bought those little plastic spider rings and Halloween pencils. Reflecting back, I have to think, what do pencils have to do with Halloween and why would a child want one? But oh, well, they were shiny and festive and I was taken in by someone's marketing ploy.

I go to work today and I ask if I can get off a little early, so I can be home in time to hand out candy to the kids. I get home around sixish and I wait. And wait. And wait, until finally the door bell. I race down the stairs and my eyes behold an adult. "Trick-or-treat," they say with a smile. I am about to slam the door in this person's face. How dare they have the audacity to steal the candy that belongs to children? Then I realize that it is my neighbor asking for the mail key. I trudge back up the stairs and wait some more. All night.

And the grand total of trick or treaters? Six. I got a Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, a cowgirl and an Indian, a leopard, and a cow. And I have never had such a good time with Halloween, even if it was a week before it was suppose to be. I thought for sure I would be disgruntled, but with the six trick or treaters I got, I was able to talk to them, they explained to me their costumes, how much candy they had already gotten, and how the cow was sure she saw a vampire. It was the best round of trick-or-treaters I've had in four years PLUS I gave them so much candy, pencils, and rings, I'm sure they'll come back next year.

Don't worry though, I had enough candy. I didn't run out.


E. Anona said...

Hi Julie! I was walking behind a guy with a sweater tied artfully around his shoulders, and after making fun of him secretly in my mind, I thought that maybe people in the East actually dress like that. So then I thought of you, and then I read about you on the blog!!! How about that.

I hope we get trick-or-treaters for Halloween like you did. The only problem is, we live on the third floor, and I don't really see any of the three-year-olds in our complex being devoted enough to attempt the ascent. Speaking of which, there are two hay bales at the top of our stairs. How and why are they here? Who would carry hay up a bunch of stairs? I can just see the wife of some poor soul deciding that the stairwell needed a Martha Stewart-esque touch of festive cheer.

Chrisbob said...

Halloween is evil. I plan ahead for everything and since Halloween involves buying candy for trick or treaters, like Julie, I buy $15 worth of candy. But I buy it at least one month in advance. I think to myself, I won't eat any of this so it'll be okay. Four weeks later I have to buy another $15 worth of teeth-rotting sweets because, you guessed it, the last $15 has mysteriously dissapeared. Did I mention I have a dentist appointment on Nov. 2? Yeah... it's called pre-meditated repentence.

Anona, in the 4 years I lived in the married apartments in Rexburg, only one trick or treater came. You might as well get out and do your own thing on Halloween night.

Chrisbob said...

Yay festive cheer!