Poor Anona. I can't think of anything worse than being away from your own warm bed when you're throwing up. We'll cook you soup when you get back. Hang in there.

Leanna, I found your cat on You-Tube. You should keep better track of her. She's really wandering around. See pictures.


Em & Ev said...

Anona! I hope you feel better soon! Call me if you need me to make you some soup.

Emily M.

Sky said...

Oh. Yeah? It's Emily Martin who needs the soup. Maybe. Or maybe not. Just kidding.
Anona, it's really stupid to get sick through a holiday, but I think about half of us are with you. It's like our bodies hung on, waiting for a break, then dropped. I wanted you to make a list of those who had to stay here for Thanksgiving, so I could have them out here or find a place for them to go, and you made a sign-up list for those who were leaving. See? Already your mind was infected with a hot little virus. Stay in bed. I hate to say this, but often it's easier to get to know in-laws that way. (Oh, Cynicism, get thee behind me.)

E. Anona said...

Well, my in-laws probably think I'm a lazy slug, because all I've been doing is sleeping, eating, and playing xbox with my hubby and bro-in-law. Oh, occasionally I watch t.v.

Sky said...

Wow. You ARE a lazy slug bug. Enjoy while you can. Math papers coming in when you get back. Geez, at least get up and offer help with the dishes or something. Then wipe your nose. They won't want your germs, but at least they won't think you're so dead lug lazy, Girl.