Talking Cat

She's complaining to Leanna about Lance's dirty looks.

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Leanna said...

We're cat-sitting for our neighbors who went out of town for the week, and this video actually looks more like their cat than mine. I went over there yesterday to feed their little psycho cat, Lucy, just as I have every other day this week, but as I went to grab her cat food, I noticed something weird. Their heat was on in the kitchen! Then I looked around and noticed dishes in the sink and a pen on the countertop that I didn't remember seeing there every other day. Then I thought, would if they came home a day early and they're really in their bedroom too afraid to come out because they don't want to embarass me! Ah! So I hurried and ran out of the apartment, ignoring Lucy's attempts to get attention. I ran outside, but I didn't see their cars anywhere. So then I called Lance freaking out, and he said he would check on it when he got home. He came home and looked at it, and apparently it was nothing. The heat was only on because their thermostat was set to 60, and I had usually gone during the day and not at night when it kicks on. And everything else I had just not noticed before. That's what I get for not "seeing" like Sis. Morgan tells us to.