Christmas Party

They gave me a beautiful wooden box, which would have been enough because I collect boxes, but it was also filled with letters. It's the coolest of presents. Someone had printed off Christmas carols, and the singing turned the house into soft cream. In spite of minor catastrophes (sure to happen without Julie and Shalese here to keep me on task--as in I forgot to buy the ham, then made another four trips back to Brolims for silverware, a gift bag for Andrea and butter, and in the last trip, I lost in a game of wits with a disabled person and bought another Christmas tree to bring home for everyone to decorate, so I'd have something to fit in the gigantic tree stand he wanted me to buy; don't ask. Oh so long a story), the night will go down as one good memory. I wish you had been here also. You would have liked this party. I'll post pictures later. I woke up to lots of snow falling on the river, and the eagle flew into a fallen tree outside my window. Don't they hibernate or something?


E. Anona said...

Hi Sister Morgan,

I took a nap in your office today. Partly because I know Emily never will, and that amazing blanket needs to be used. I started working on my senior English portfolio last night, editing old papers and designing, and next thing I knew it was really late.

It was a pretty amazing nap. I did feel kind of silly carrying a blanket and pillow to your office, but no one said anything, and Sister Reed never asks why I need the key.

I wish I could have stayed longer at the party. Any blame put on me I shift onto Austin: he doesn't enjoy the parties as much as I do because he doesn't know people, and as a practical business person he is somewhat appalled by how unorganized our parties are. (I'm just waiting until we have kids so he can experience real unorganization.)

I did notice a few significant others that looked bored. Maybe we should be more exclusive next time?? I mean, how could someone not appreciate us?

Sky said...

You're going to flunk 'cause you worked that hard on Sunday. I'm glad you took a nap. when I stay up there at night, I keep forgetting about that blanket. Anytime.
Everyone appreciates us. They just need more work to do. And as far as organized, maybe you'd better assign someone to warn all the new people. That's never going to happen. Although I had real intent to have food ready, etc. for this one, and we would have been fine, I was still on top of all the little mistakes, if I hadn't been driven to change trees half way through. But I couldn't help it. Every time I looked in the corner at that white marshmallow tree, I got nauseous. When Kaitlin, Sara, and Kiersten put it up, Kaitlin stood back and said, "That tree is in direct opposition to everything in this house." Really. Truly. I've never seen anything like it. But, I can adapt, I told myself, as I drove back to town. So all I did was politely ask this disabled boy how much his Christmas trees were and that started the whole chaotic effect like dominoes, which carried through the rest of the night. Bored people would not be bored if they just get up and help. Geez, it's my party too, and I had to kick Kylie off a chair to sit down. (I can't believe I did that.) But, yeah, exclusive is probably a good thing, though later I was laughing so hard at Blake and Travis that I had a stomach ache. I'll have to post their conversation for you. I would have hated to miss getting to know them, and Lance is like another assistant--though he couldn't stay. I just can't do parties. I don't get them. It's like the more I try to organize, the worse it gets. I think I remember saying "Okay, now everybody just get ice in your glasses before you eat." Ha. Did I really say that? Poor Sara. After I dug out clippers to trim the new tree, I saw her in the kitchen all by herself, taking out the ham. "Sara, that ham's got to cook a little longer." So she turned around and put the ham back in. Out, in, out, in. Poor girl. She said, "We'll, people are just pressuring me so much to eat." This seemed absurd to me, since if they were hungry, why weren't they in getting their own ham? Why was she getting it for them? See. I just don't get parties. Then, she disappeared-- 'cause Jami was cutting huge slices, so I was telling them how much this ham cost (I can't believe I said that either); "$20.00 and that one was $10.00 and another $10.00, so slice it thinner, Jami." Like I care. This money came out of our budget. Then Em Po and Travis got involved, so I walked out to the table, and I thought, "Now how come I'm the only one who sees we have no butter, no jam, no silverware? Where is that Sara?" But, if someone says let's have the prayer, I can come together enough to get moving-- although I do recall you shoving ahead of me in line, and when I said something, you actually tossed your snotty short hair and said--"I'm pregnant." Yes. You did. Think that excuse is going far, don't you? Ha. Another eight months and you're goin' have to do some heavy thinking. We did miss you. We'll send Austin home with the baby next time. And after all that, I forgot to give Sara the medicine I bought her 'cause my cat kept running in and out, and I knew she was probably stuffed up like a big red turnip 'cause she's so allergic to cats. Oh heck, the more I think about it, the more I think you may be right. At the last party, we were cooking hot dogs over a fire (Poor EmPO. She was trying so hard to cook her hot dog, and Bryndie, Leanna, and Sara were making it worse by coaching from the sidelines since they'd already eaten).Jami's Travis had to fix the barbeque for us, that day also. In fact, we should have the parties catered at BYU-I. In fact, Sara did the last one at the nature park, and I just relaxed (after briefly getting lost),which is what I want to do. Hey, by the way, I'm taking bets on Sara. If she makes it through working at the WC without calling for medics, she'll be able to do just about anything. I'm betting she makes it, though I will admit she's tetering over the edge now and then. I don't think my lecturing her about how you can't stop hanging lights in the middle of the wall and having Eric redo her whole line helped any either. What do you think?

Sky said...

Hey, I need to take that back and edit it. And I found the tacks. They were in my car under pine needles.

Julie M said...

Sis. Morgan, reading your description makes me miss the parties more than any picture. David and I sat reading this blog and laughing to ourselves over all the glorious descriptions that embody the WC. I miss it.

And don't listen to a word anyone says. Your parties are just about as organized as any party that isn't held by Pres. Clark. And I like them. In fact, next year I think I'll video tape myself pretending to talk to everyone and listening intently. That way I can be there too.

Chan said...

Amen Julie. And besides, I don't think anyone goes to WC parties just to eat. WC parties are wonderful events that can include laughing, canoes, beaver dams, laughing, guitars, pistols, homemade rootbeer, laughing, fire, snakes, eagles, rivers, and on and on. If you're really lucky, Sis. Morgan just might press someone about something personal until they start crying. You can't beat it with a stick.

Sky said...

Oh, pffft, crying? Never. Chandler's a big fat liar. Don't listen to him (though, now that I think of it, Sara may have felt like crying a couple of times).

Sarachel said...

taking bets? tetering? You really should have more confidence in me. (Even though I did try to hang lights in the middle of the wall--they kept falling down so I just threw them up however they would stay.)

Leanna said...

I think Sara has evolved into an all new Sara. I think her voice has come out a lot more because she finally isn't scared of you anymore, Sis. Morgan. Good for you, Sara. And the reason why everyone was pressuring Sara to get dinner going at the party was because we all recognize she's got more influence with you now than any one of us. That and she gets things done.

Chan said...

No kiddin', it sounds like Sarachel has become an indispensable fixture in the WC.

Sis. Morgan, at the first party of last winter semester I remember both Travis and Julie crying as we went around a circle answering questions we drew from a hat. And then after they started crying you said something like, "this is so good. I think everyone should have a nervous breakdown now and again."

Sky said...

OK, yeah, I remember now. A few tears here and there, and how good it was to see the wall around Travis finally break open. He is so beautiful. Also, I'm sorry to disappoint everyone--but Sara Lee is not yet indispensable. In fact, I've been teasing her because she bumbled almost everything she did at the party, then ran and hid--the coward. However, and this is a big "however," I saw potential in her tentative, scared rabbit effort to help. She SEES what needs done (as do Jami and EmPo; Can you tell I'm searching desperately for a replacement for Julie, Anona,and Leanna?)but she's too timid to be much help yet--the baby. Once she gets some confidence in these puny steps to help, I think she may turn into a first rate hostess, which we badly need, since I'm hostess disabled. . . . Hmmm, OK, I just realized I'm probably not helping her confidence much, am I? But, darn it, Sara, you've got some good moves in you, Girl. Just make 'em. (It's probably no consolation to tell you that you'll never feel a need to ask what I think of you, because I'll just tell you ahead of time, is it?)

E. Anona said...

Sara is a leader. Everyone kept asking her questions like when we were going to eat because we instinctively recognize that.

None of this "puny rabbit" crap about her.

Dan said...

Sara got me a bagel today. That made me happy. Thanks Sara.

Chan said...

One time I went canoing with Anona and Sara and got Sara all wet because I'm a poor rower. Remember that Sara? Sorry.

Sky said...

Why is it that all of us feel such a strong need to jump in and "save" Sara? An impossible act. That action is an interesting comment on us and her. But what kind of a comment? I postulate and firmly believe that this girl will-- someday-- not call this response from those around her. She will step up and save herself. But we all have our individual ways, don't we? Anona stands up in defense of her; Dan thanks her for being kind; I tease her because I know she can grow, if she stops letting her neediness rule her and just is who she is. Chandler says he's sorry. Well, Sara, interesting. I'll bet it feels good to know you're loved. huh?

Sarachel said...

Feels great, Sis. Morgan.

Leanna--I like your use of the word "finally." I was terrified of Sis. Morgan the first few semesters I worked here. I thought she might eat me alive. I was still mildly frightened of her last semester.
I'm not sure I'm with you for the "we all recognize she's got more influence with you now than any one of us" stuff. I think you, EmPo, and Chan might be beating me out.

Anona--I agree, none of this "scared rabbit" junk. I put all the food on the tables, cut up the pies, got out serving spoons, and took the ham out of the oven (then Sis. Morgan took it away from me--I still maintain it was sufficiently warm). There was no cowering involved.

Chan--What an astute deduction. I am indispensable. I like the sound of that (even if Sis. Morgan doesn't). And don't worry about the canoe incident. At the time it was a bit irritating, but now it's just funny. Remember how frustrated you were? I yelled at you for getting me wet, and you yelled back because you were angry that your rowing wasn't getting us anywhere. I don't think you are a poor rower, though. We should go canoeing again sometime.

Dan--You're welcome. I'm glad we are bagel buddies. We should continue the tradition next semester.

Sarachel said...

Thanks, everyone, for your support. I am grateful for your efforts to come to my aid. It's amazing to me how much I have come to trust and respect each of you. It will be hard to leave after next semester.

Posting this next part is a bit risky for me, so be kind.

I started at the Writing Center not having a clue what I was in for. I just needed a job, a way to pay my tuition. I interviewed with Sis. Morgan: not too bad. She told me that I would be vastly underpaid for the work I would do, but I was okay with that. I was tired of working at Western Wats. She told me that she wasn't a 'people' person. I was okay with that, too. I planned to just avoid her (ha).

To me, a job was a job. I was dedicated to one until it became boring for me. Then I moved to another one. I lived a lot of my life that way--no attachments. By not attaching myself to anything, I wasn't sad or disappointed when I had to leave. That's why I didn't think much about Sis. Morgan's warnings. I had been underpaid before. No big deal. I had had unpleasant employers before. No problem. It was more of a challenge, really. When it got to be too much, would I find another job. Problem solved.

The Writing Center was different. Something about the Center intrigued me: the way the Assistants worked together; the way they laughed with Sis. Morgan (I about died of shock the first time I saw Sis. Morgan laugh). At first I was skeptical that a job like this one could bring these people together in such a way, but I began to understand there was nothing artificial in what I saw. It was like they were friends, not just co-workers or employees who got along well because they had to work together, but actual friends.
I'll admit I was rather superficial until this point. Not having attachments meant that I was nice to people, even cared about them, but nothing deeply rooted. Deeply rooted feelings, real feelings, meant that I was vulnerable. I was liable to get hurt that way. People move, things change and I needed to be ready for anything that might happen. Once I got the hang of it, it was even kind of fun. I could move from job to job, school to school, even state to state without feeling desolation or loss. Each new place was a new adventure that I could leave at my choosing. I felt such victory in my self control. What I lacked was trust.

I didn’t trust the people around me not to hurt me, so I took it into my own hands not to get attached. I don’t think I realized it then, and I am still struggling with it now. Maybe that’s why I am so ‘needy,’ as Sis. Morgan puts it. I need you all to tell me it’s okay when I screw up, or that you appreciate it when I get you a bagel. It makes me feel validated in my choice to be ‘vulnerable’ again.

Sky said...

Well, just don't expect any compliments from me, Sara Lee. I think they'll ruin you. Having said that--Nice writing. Especially the last part.

Sarachel said...

ha ha you said no compliments.
"Nice writing. Especially the last part," was a compliment.

Besides, I'm trying harder. I trust you now. I trust Anona now. I trust Leanna and Chandler and Kiersten now. I even trust Dan now (that's right--excessively weird Dan).

I just appreciate some encouragement along the way. (Thanks again Leanna, Anona, Chandler, and Dan.)