Night musings

Anona, a "kid" is a small goat. You are going to have a baby.

Chan, Chan, the bearded man, What Anona meant to say--if she weren't swimming in hormones and nausea--is thank you for the congratulations and good wishes. (I'm always having to take care of this little girl lately, that is whenever she's not taking care of me. I bought her and Emily Martin a soft blanket and pillows, so they could get some rest during their shifts. Ha. They don't even have time to get a drink of water. We've been so swamped.)

Sara, who was the serial killer on your staircase tonight when I dropped you off? Scary.

nswer to Chan's question. I don't think a good writer embellishes as much as gathers strings of experience and detail and pieces them together--sometimes in a non-sequential way. However, the real trick is training yourself to see what's in front of you (I know I sound like a broken record about this, and I will continue to sound like it) because, really, the Lord has already embellished the world enough for us. How can we improve on what He's already done? We just have to open up and SEE it. When we don't do this, when we want short cuts, when we don't want to expend the energy or time to develop a "writer's eyes and ears," we add fluffy bits of sentimentality that clutter up real truth and reality. They feel like guk. They sound like hicky-gicky-guk, because they're coming from a very small, tightened down world locked up in our ego, where there's no breeze or birds singing. And writing like that can turn us against real writing forever. Good writing takes commitment, courage, time, and practise, and a lot of it is not done at the computer keys. To be able to "see" crosses into spiritual realms. Again, it's a daily, constant training. Ask Leanna about this. I think she just had a great insight into "seeing" that won't leave her quickly. But, don't embellish. The Lord already did a great job of that on His own.

Also, ask Leanna about the cat. She's our resident cat expert, but I'd say that was ONE scary dream. What's scaring your inside blood?

Hey, Chandler, also, I just had a long talk with your AZ brother. He's looking forward to coming home--has some interesting insights about it even. Keep in touch.
You should stay with our company rather than posing for pictures as the next bearded GAP ad. Stay with us, Brother; stay with us. Hey, instead of writing about an early experience (Dan stole your assignment anyway), describe for us a cloud--or snow.


Sarachel said...

It was just a guy from my ward. He was appalled you thought he was a stalker.

It made me laugh.

E. Anona said...

I'm studying the Romantics right now, and I'd rather not hear about clouds and snow or any other ode to nature.

I love their poetry, but enough. Write about people.

Chan said...
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Chan said...

I'm writing about my basic equitation class. And brainstorming earliest memories.

Anona, I wasn't assuming you'd ditch grad school, just wondering if. So I'm still wise.

"Stay with us, Brother; stay with us," made me feel I'd be dying soon, or that something equally chronic would be happening. I have no such plans. I will be back and I'm looking forward to it as much as I look forward to Christmas, which is a lot.

Sara, wint-o-mints, peppermints; pot-a-toe, pot-ah-toe. You still can't have one until you analyze my dream like young Joseph in Egypt or lecherous Freud in Vienna.

Julie M said...

Hey Chan, what dream needs interpreted? If you find a good interpreter, send them my way. I've had some pretty trippy ones that I'd like a perspective on.

Sky said...

Okay. Here's the dream interpretation (I charge only $10.00 per dream). The gnarly cat in the dream is a small energetic, but beautiful girl who's already at BYU-I. You will fall in love with this "chicklet" cat. But on your first date, as you put your hand under her elbow to guide her across the ice, she's going to jump up and scratch all the flesh from your face, tearing it away in long pieces until only your bones are left. Then she will shred the meat from your nose and lips and eat it--shoving the bloody mess with both hands into her mouth, because (no one knows this, so please keep this a secret) there really are witches and demons here on campus dressed in sheep's clothing. Therefore, the moral of the dream is . . . hmmmm.

Be very careful about who you ask out during winter semester and definitley feed them first before you leave to go on a date.

Now. Can I have the candy? Julie? Next?

Sky said...

Hey, Anona Miss-Smarty-Pants just try describing snow sometime. It's tough. If anyone ever reads a good and true description of snow, send it to me.

Chan said...

Wow, great interpretation Sis. Morgan. You may have a mint. Julie, the account of my dream is in my most recent post, a couple posts down. You can't have any mints until you analyze it.

Sarachel said...

Snippy, snippy. I just thought you might like to know that you have wint-o-mints to look forward to in the winter. I'm not much for interpreting dreams...but I ate a mint anyway. ha ha.

Julie M said...

Oh, sorry Chan. I guess I must have missed that part of your post.

Interpretation of Chandler's dream as taken from my super professional opinion about the human mind and my self imposed degree in psychology: Obviously the cat is your inner desire--what you really want to do with your life. But every time you approach that ambition, self-doubt creeps in on you and scratches and bites you away. What you need to do? Just like Sis. Morgan's cat, show it whose boss. Before you know it, you ambition will be sleeping on your neck.
I expect you to send me my mint from the front desk when you get there.

So Sis. Morgan, the other day I walked into my elementary school and I saw you. At least, I thought it was you. A person was walking down the hall who looked exactly like you--from a distance. Then, upon closer inspection, I noticed that it was the Muslim 3rd grade teacher who covers herself completely. Right down to her hair and just above her eyes. How did I mistake this for you? I don't know, I probably need new glasses.

Today I was in the grocery store and I saw your brother, Chan, Tanner. At least, I thought it was him. But this time it turned out to be a really tall Asian looking fellow. How I am mistaking these people? Who knows. All I know is that I am tired of doing double takes.

Sky said...

Wow. Let's interrupt Julie's "waking" dreams. I'm a Muslim and Tanner is an tall Asian? I'm covered up completely. hmmmm. There could be something in this, girl. By the way, I like your interp. of Chand's dream. I think you got it.

By the way, I read part of your blog on trying to connect your two lives in seminar today in connection with Sara's reply about wondering where her home is. Hope you don't mind. Didn't have time to ask. But promise to ask next time.

Sky said...

Ahhhh, Jewels and Chan, you missed a good party tonight. Jami and Travis, Bryndie and Blake, Dan, Kaitlin, Leanna,Meghan,Kylie and Andrea (two new WC.), and we sang and sang and sang. The whole room softened, and I looked around and thougnt how blessed I am to work with such beautiful people. It was looooovely. Though, Jewels, I'm not much good without you, especially in sleep derived state. Lucky Sara, Katelin and Kiersten came early to help put up deco. And then it looked like Sara took over in the kitchen.(I think the idea that I lived in communes too long to function as a hostess just doesn't get through them. After three trips to the store and a minor/major experience with the stupid tree, it well so nicely. Be sure and come and see me if you get time. Jami and I are going to a matinee on Christmas day, because Travis doesn't get off until 9:00, and Meg has to work in SLC and can't come up. You should see the gift they gave me. It is absolutely the coolest thing ever. Anona used to stay and talk; now she's out the door as soon as she eats. I miss her talking. Are you like that too from marriage. Say not and I'll believe you.

Chan said...

I wish I could have been there. Do you guys always sing at Christmas parties? What was the coolest gift they gave you?

Julie M said...

Yeah, Chandler, you missed it during the summer. That's all we did at parties! Sis. Morgan even pulled out her mandolin from her hipster days and played us a few songs. Okay, that was a lie.

No, Sis. Morgan, I don't jet from the room just because I am married. I still have other friends and other people I like to talk to. I told David the other day that as talented and wonderful as he is, he is not expected to fulfill every single one of the needs of a very emotional and complex individual such as myself. Although he does a great job too. And I am planning on coming to see you during Christmas break.

So Megan is still working in SLC? I thought that she moved up to Rexburg and your house of healing waters (rivers).